Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Just to say thank you!

My Mums and I are just back from a really great holiday in Norfolk. We'd never been before, but it was lovely and we are already looking for a cottage to book for next year! I'll show you some pictures  another time, but for now I just wanted to say thanks for the presents to a couple of really special friends we met up with......

Do you recognise my pal?! It's Polly from Graceful Greyhounds! We met with her and her Mum Sue for a walk along the promenade at Hunstanton.

Aunty Sue gave Other Mum some chocolates for her birthday and Polly gave me some Bonios. I gave Polly some of my homemade apple & cheese buttons!

Cor! Thanks very much Polly!

And then we met up with another friend! Hilary from Terrier Fun met up with us along with her cousin Bryony. Unfortunately she wasn't able to bring any of the gang, but we had a lovely natter in glorious sunshine! 

Winnie, Taffy, Monty and Molly sent me some cheese bones!

Thank you everyone; they were delicious!

And if that wasn't enough, when we got home there was a parcel for me.......from Denmark! Well that can mean only one thing; my personal dresser MeggieMoo had been at it again! Other Mum had given Sue lots of crafting stuff she no longer wanted, and knowing how much I love MeggieMoo collars, Sue had been in touch to see what could be organised. The result was that between them Sue & Moo sent me this beauty....

Now if this isn't swanky, I don't know what is.... Thank you very much Sue & MeggieMoo!