Friday, September 6, 2013

A slight Misdemeanor.....

Last week, I was relaxing in the garden helping Mum out.

Mum, You've missed a bit.....zzzzzzzzz

I was disturbed from my sleeping vigilant supervising by Mum going onto the driveway and heading towards my car. Now, I don't get up for much, but a car ride is something else. So I got up and followed Mum. She lets me do this, as although it gives me access to the road, I have never in two years ventured to the pavement outside. As it turned out, Mum was just getting her specs from the car, but then something spooked me. I put my ears down, shot up the drive, onto the cul-de-sac and headed for the road. By the time Mum got there I was nowhere in sight. 

You can imagine she was pretty panicky by now, so she rushed back to the house, grabbed her car keys and set about finding me. Just after she turned onto the road, she spotted our lovely postman, who is a big admirer of mine dragging walking me back home by my tag collar. (Mum says thank goodness she never takes that off) Apparently he'd been driving down the main road in his van and had spotted me the other side disappearing into a big estate. Mum says (a) it is a miracle that I wasn't killed crossing the road and (b) if I'd gone into the estate she would never have found me. 

But now I am safely home because of Richard, the lovely postman. Boy, am I glad I made friends with him!

Of course Mum was pleased and as mad as hell all at once, but she managed not to shout at me. Nevertheless I was grounded and put on sentry duty for a while:

Aww come on Mum. I'm sorry, really I am. What have I got to do to make it all okay? I promise I won't do it again (as long as you don't let me onto the driveway...) 

Look I've bought Richard some chocolates to thank him. Now will you forgive me?

So Mum says after that little escapade, it may be that my off lead moments will be severely limited. That little thing called trust seems to have disappeared..... From now on, it may be just  Ganny's garden and the tennis courts. Or if you know anyone with a field to hire, just shout.......!


Me having a zoom at the tennis courts.