Monday, July 15, 2013

Chuck and Duck!

As some of you know, Mum and I have an ambition to be able to let me off lead in non-enclosed spaces. Not near roads, you understand, but not fenced in.

Why she just doesn't get on with it, is beyond me, but she worries I might go nuts and run off. So far I've been really good and trotted along sniffing, but the whole point of letting me off lead is so that I can have a gallop. Bit of a dilemma really.

My first ever off-lead experience. So much wee, so little time...

Recently we were watching a video of a friend of ours who was training her dog for exactly the same reason, and she was using a tennis ball to play "Fetch" with some pretty impressive results. "Pointless with you" said Mum in an unnecessarily accusatory tone. "You just give me one of your looks that says *** off and fetch it yourself" Nevertheless the idea stuck so she dug out an old ball and gave it a go. Incredibly I ran after the ball and brought it back.....well sort of anyway.

Another friend suggested a squeaky ball would be even more enticing and recommended a Kong squeaky American Football. Seconds later and Mum had ordered it and it arrived at the weekend!


As you can see I have mastered some fairly niffty moves, even at this early stage in my career! I'm taking it with me to Ganny's next week where we will have more room to practice....and more distractions, so lets hope I cope with the challenge.

Mum says when we are out on a walk, she needs to feel that she is more interesting to me than all the sights and sounds, so I will return to her when I'm called. Okay Mum we can give it a go, but as much as I love you, you will never compete with Vintage Labrador 2013 wee mail. No offence............