Sunday, June 9, 2013

I am being abandoned!

Well......maybe I exaggerate a little, but my Mum is deserting me for a whole week! She is going to Ganny's without me as they are going on a short break to Wales. I do hope she hasn't forgotten the useful phrases I taught her before we went to Wales last September. No doubt she will still remember how to order a whisky if nothing else.........

And so I am being left in charge of Other Mum and KC; I will have my paws full, no doubt. I am hoping I can get Other Mum to take me on a few outings, as I want to show off my new collar set. Yes, I know, it's a bit of a turn around for me, isn't it?! From the dog who had "one to wear and an old one for spare" I have now had 3 collars in the last 6 months. Not up to Bunny's standard admittedly, but nevertheless....

Me modelling the Renaissance martingale and purple velvet house collar.

Now isn't this just one of the nicest collars that you have seen? It was made for me by my good friend MeggieMoo and her "Muvva" who own a fantastic dog accessory business in Denmark called MeggieMoo-collars, coats and more. Moo and her family come from the UK but when they moved to Denmark, good collars were hard to find, so they started making their own. Mum says she couldn't be more pleased with my new collars. Muvva even lined my martingale with purple cotton and put purple velvet on the back webbing! She ordered them last Sunday and they arrived on Friday.  Moo ships all over the world, so if you are looking for a collar, coat, fleece, jimjams, lead or harness, you really should check her out.

This is MeggieMoo. You can read all about her life here. She's had some real ups and downs but now she is safe and loved with all her family and shares her home with foster dogs too.

One of the reasons that Moo and I became friends was because of her brother "Thick Harris" or "Fik" to his friends. Fik is like my body double, I honestly doubt you could tell us apart, although Fik is actually a lurcher, having a bit of Saluki in him.

Amazing or what?!

So if I don't see you for a while it is because I am being severely neglected by Other Mum and you might want to consider sending food parcels or something.....

Here I am asleep in my purple velvet smoking jacket.....or house collar as some lesser mortals call them. See? Already I am being made to sleep outside....Whatever will become of me?

Love Deccy x (drama-hound extraordinaire)