Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane....

When we last visited Ganny for her birthday, the weather wasn't that great, but on our final day, the sun came out and so Mum decided we should take a drive out into the countryside.

Mum took us to a little village called Berkswell that is located between Birmingham and Coventry. When Mum was little it was in the County of Warwickshire, but now resides in the somewhat less glamourously named West Midlands! Not that anyone from Berkswell would ever admit to that.....

Mum took Ganny, Other Mum and me there, because her and Ganny have very fond memories of the village from when Mum was young. She says that her Grandad, Nanny and all the family used to drive out there on a Sunday afternoon, have a picnic and then call in at the village pub on the way home!

This house dates from the 17th century.

You don't see many red telephone boxes least not in working order!

The church of St John the Baptist dates from the 1100's

Another reason Mum likes the village so much is because her Great Grandmother was born there sometime in the 1870's 

Great Grandmother was born in one of these whitewashed cottages, but Mum isn't sure which one.

The stocks on the village green are just opposite these cottages...I wonder if any of my relatives had the pleasure?!  It's a bit difficult to see from this picture, but the stocks only have 5 leg holes, and it is said that this is because they were built specifically for a drunken 1 legged soldier and his two drinking companions!

The village pub, The Bear Inn dates back to the 16th century. It belongs to a chain now, but Mum says it still feels like the little village pub she remembers from her childhood.... (that'll be getting on for 40 years ago then, Mum!)

You will often see this image of  The Bear & Ragged Staff, as it is the emblem of the county of Warwickshire.

Here is Mr Bear climbing up his Staff in the pub beer garden!

After all that exploring I thought we deserved a nice cool drink....and anyway, a post wouldn't be complete without a picture of me, would it?!

I'm getting bored now Mum; time to hit the road!