Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ganny's 80th Birthday!

Tomorrow my Mums and I are off to visit Ganny for a few days, but this time it is a very special occasion! My Ganny will be 80 on 17th May! (I was going to schedule the post, but last time it didn't work, so I'll have to do it today instead!) In all honesty Ganny isn't very keen on the whole 80 thing and doesn't want a fuss. I don't think she can quite believe she is that age......and neither can we. It is quite likely that if anyone sends her a birthday card with 80 on it, they will live to regret it!!

Ganny would have a fit if I put a recognisable picture of her on my blog, so here are her hands feeding me bikkies in bed!

Mum and I would just like to say how grateful we are for everything Ganny has done for us. Mum's list is way too long to mention... When Mum first had Flynn, Ganny was actually quite scared of big dogs. Imagine that! Yet she welcomed him and then me into her home and loved us like we were her own. She's pretty special is my Ganny. 

Ganny and Grandad on their honeymoon in Italy in 1958.
(We may well be killed if she ever finds out about this photo!!)

A very Happy Birthday to the most wonderful caring and kind Ganny & Mum that a Greyhound or hooman could ever have.

Much love Deccy & Mum xx