Monday, April 8, 2013

The Adventure continues........

After getting close up and personal with the whale - thanks for that Beckettwe really needed somewhere cosy to spend the night. Fortunately Beccy had spotted a sign to a campground called Meat Cove.....which sounded like it might be our we headed that way. Then we saw this sign.

I was really excited about seeing a real live Moose, but Beckett said they were pretty antisocial. So when we finally saw one and I got out of the car to play tuggy rope with it, he did kind of do his nut.

Fortunately unscathed, we headed for the camp ground in the hope of finding somewhere to stay.

I had to hand it too Beckett; he found a really cool trailer for us to spend the night in. We were kind of sorry to leave. Well, that was until Beckett "borrowed" some chicken from our neighbours and then we had to leave in a bit of a hurry....

We stopped along the way and had a lovely picnic that our friend Twiggy Greyhound had sent us. 

I thought after yesterday's escapade, we needed to relax a little, so I had organised a little surprise for Beckett at an exclusive spa hotel

We had a fantastic game with the football Beckett had remembered to bring and wore ourselves out.

We slept like much so Beckett didn't even unmake his bed, which isn't like him at all. When we were at the spa I managed to "acquire" gifts for Beckett's sisters, Veil & Maddy. Can you see the monogrammed robe and lots of girly smelly toiletries?!

In fact we slept so well we missed breakfast. We were kind of cross about that so we left quickly....avoiding reception in the process.....if you get my drift.....ahem

It was our final day on the trail, so we wanted to do something memorable.......famous last words.....

Beckett booked us in for a tour of the Glenora Distillery.......oh yeah....and a tasting session.... You can probably imagine can't you.....?

Yup.....the inevitable happened and this is where we spent the night. Whaddya mean, drunken bums?!

After some very strong coffee in the morning, Beckett drove us back to Nanny's house where we collected KC before heading for the airport.

It took forever to load KC's luggage into the car (she had one new case solely dedicated to Canadian bacon & maple syrup) and I think she was in two minds about leaving Nanny.....but finally we were on our way.

We had an emotional farewell at the airport, but it is not (entirely) true that both Beckett & I broke down sobbing......ahem. 

We had some fun at check in, as KC decided that the nice lady needed persuading that we should be upgraded....and we all know how KC "persuades" people.....

They said I could order anything I wanted in First Class, so I did; a lamb bone! I think KC was a little appalled..... By now we were looking forward to getting home, and maybe missing our Mum's just a little bit.....

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April is National Adopt a Greyhound Month

Like the young lady says... What are you waiting for?!