Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hello everyone

I am broadcasting to you from my sickbed......I have a Poorly Paw.

Whilst at Ganny's this week I managed to cut my toe while doing zoomies in the garden. Now, those of you who know Bunny from Tales and Tails will have heard that one of the irrefutable facts about Greyhounds is that we are made of spun sugar and therefore melt if made to go out in the rain. I can confirm that this is completely true.

One of the lesser known facts is that if you prick us we don't just bleed, we BLEED! Following the incident Mum discovered me in Ganny's garage by following the huge droplets of blood that led there. She was quite expecting me to be unconscious having severed a main artery, but no, I was closely examining a bag that contained pigs' ears, while blood pumped from a small cut on my toe. By the time she got me into the kitchen, made me lie down and had cleaned up the wound, she looked a bit like an extra from The Shining and the kitchen floor hadn't fared much better. 

Coooooeeee everyone! Look at my Poorly Paw!

Mum told everyone how good I was for not chewing off the sock that covered my bandage........until she found that I had spent all night licking it into a sodden mess that had removed the bandage underneath. The air went a little blue for a while.....until Other Mum remembered that the supermarket sold something very like Vet Wrap, and so, for once, they had me licked!

I am still walking on three legs....until I forget and then run around the lawn. Hopefully I will only need the bandage on for another 2 or 3 days. 

Aunty Lou is coming to stay with us for a few days tomorrow, so I shall be absent once more for a little while.  Hope you all have a good week....and watch out if you are planning on any zoomies...