Friday, April 12, 2013

Oooh look! New Food........

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Vets Food World and asked if I'd like to review any of the complete dog kibble that they sell. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know that around 18 months ago I developed severe and prolonged EBI (Expolding Bum Issues) which lasted about 6 weeks but left me with occasional problems for the next 6 months. During that time my Mums did lots of experimenting with my food and eventually settled on a brand of kibble that seemed to suit me best. With hindsight, we don't thing the problems were linked to allergies, just the prolonged affects of the infection, but nevertheless they have remained wary about brands that they feed me.

My current brand is a salmon & potato variety as Mums have been keen to avoid too much wheat. Unfortunately it is quite hard to source. We buy it from Tesco, but have only ever found one branch that sells it. Hence Mum had started wondering if she should try me on another brand, should my own cease to exist!

So, while she would usually turn down requests for food reviews, she thought this would be a good chance to try me on something different.

Mum chose the Wafcol Adult Ocean Fish and Corn as it is hypoallergenic, containing no wheat, gluten, meat or dairy products.

I can smell the fish Mum!

The food is "Sensitive Design" and Wafcol claim that it may sooth allergic reactions including eczema, diarrhoea and colitis.  It also contains a prebiotic to help improve digestion. 

It has Omega 3&6 for a healthy coat and skin. Like I could get any more handsome!

Mum introduced the food gradually over a 2 week period, mixing it with my regular kibble. The Wafcol has larger pieces than my current brand, and Mum wondered if I might choke as I tend to bolt my food. We had this problem previously, but I seem to have learnt to chew and happily crunched up most of the larger pieces!

Here I am enjoying my Wafcol with chicken, carrots and broccoli

I rarely eat kibble on its own, though I will. I like cooked and raw vegetables, liver, heart,  chicken, sardines and raw pet mince (though not all at the same time!)  I'm not adverse to garlic sausage either, but that's just for a treat!

Wafcol gets the thumbs up from us, Mum likes that it is hypoallergenic and feels confident feeding it too me. I can report totally normal poos since I started eating it!

I just think it tastes nice!

And the crunchiness helps with my Mum's obsession with keeping my teeth clean!

Wafcol and other brands of animal food are available from Vets Food World

Declan's Dogs Blog has not been financially compensated for carrying out this honest product review. 

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