Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beccy and Deccy's Excellent Adventure.

My friends, I am here to bring you some exciting news. Those of you who are also Facebook friends will know that soon I am off to Canada to join my best mate Beckett from Home Is Where the Hounds Are on a cool road trip around the Cabot Trail on Breton Island in Nova Scotia.

It all began because, well, Beckett & I were a little worried that we might be seen as Mummy's Boys. You may find that hard to imagine when you look at two strapping lads like us......or you might think the crying whenever our Mums leave the room gives it away...

Beckett looking strapping

Me showing off my muscles

 So we decided we needed to prove we could stand on our own four paws and show just how manly we are. Beckett said he knew something about the Cabot Trail as his Mum & Dad had been there, and then when he mentioned we could "borrow" his Dad's convertible, a plan was born!

So I leave on Thursday by ship with KC. Oh did I forget to mention that KC is coming with me? I can't say I'm happy, but Beckett's Nanny Jean (you may remember that she knitted my lovely green sweater) wanted to meet her, so KC is going to stay with her whilst Beckett and I go adventuring.

Well I need to make sure I fit in.........

We arrive on Monday 1st April. (Is that prophetic, I wonder...) and will be met at the Port of St. John, NB by Beckett and his two lovely sisters Veil & Maddy. I'm quite excited about meeting them and Nanny and Beckett's Mum. (I'm not so sure about his Dad, given that we are "borrowing" his car, and Beckett says we have to leave under the cover of darkness....)

Veil, Maddy and Beckett 'muscles' Greyhound

I think the girls would quite liked to have come with us but we told them this was a boys only trip. We have our leather jackets, we have our Wayfarers and we are ready to roll!

This is the trail. Looks pretty cool doesn't it? Beckett says we should be able to see whales.

....And these are our wheels!  
Don't you think we'll look good in this? (If Beckett's Dad doesn't find out first...)

Beckett and I will be posting photographs regularly throughout our trip so please keep an eye out for our posts. You can visit Beckett's blog here

If anyone would like to follow our adventure on Facebook, you can do so here: http://www.facebook.com/events/410656105691887/

See you all later!