Sunday, March 31, 2013

All Aboard!!

Good morning everyone and a very Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it.

KC and I have had a marvellous time aboard ship. We boarded on Thursday and today is our last full day on board. The time has just flown by!

We have been very lucky with the weather. Not a cloud in the sky from the moment we boarded.

KC, oddly, has been a reformed character, and, well, really, I think I might quite like her..... and I don't mean as an Hors D'oeuvre. After we had found our cabin and settled in, she told me she had organised a tour of the ship's kitchen for me......

Can you believe this?! I got to do a bit of sampling too. Unfortunately all the excitement caused me to become rather well acquainted with the mini bar and the red wine therein. And then, well, I became a little tired and emotional....and I was missing my Mums too. It should be noted that KC had no such qualms and was seen dancing the night away in her sparkly red tutu.......

The next day I felt dog rough and good for nothing. A spot of sunbathing seemed in order...zzzzzzzzzz.....

I knew I had to pull myself together as on Friday night it was the Captain's Cocktail Party. There wasn't room with all of KC's luggage for me to pack my Dinner Jacket, but at least I had my bow tie.

I danced the night away with the Captain's wife and ended up watching the sun rise from the poop deck. I assume it is called "poop deck" for a reason?.........ahem.......

On Saturday KC and I explored the ship. KC balanced carefully on the rail to see if she could see Beckett, Veil and Maddy waving from Canada. She does have rather a vivid imagination........

We spent a quiet evening, having had two nights on the tiles and awoke feeling beautifully refreshed this morning, for our last full day on board.

I've heard rumour of a farewell party this evening, so best take it easy today.  Beckett and the girls meet us tomorrow when the ship docks in New Brunswick. Then the adventure begins (after we've dropped KC off at Nanny's house...)

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Deccy out 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beccy and Deccy's Excellent Adventure.

My friends, I am here to bring you some exciting news. Those of you who are also Facebook friends will know that soon I am off to Canada to join my best mate Beckett from Home Is Where the Hounds Are on a cool road trip around the Cabot Trail on Breton Island in Nova Scotia.

It all began because, well, Beckett & I were a little worried that we might be seen as Mummy's Boys. You may find that hard to imagine when you look at two strapping lads like us......or you might think the crying whenever our Mums leave the room gives it away...

Beckett looking strapping

Me showing off my muscles

 So we decided we needed to prove we could stand on our own four paws and show just how manly we are. Beckett said he knew something about the Cabot Trail as his Mum & Dad had been there, and then when he mentioned we could "borrow" his Dad's convertible, a plan was born!

So I leave on Thursday by ship with KC. Oh did I forget to mention that KC is coming with me? I can't say I'm happy, but Beckett's Nanny Jean (you may remember that she knitted my lovely green sweater) wanted to meet her, so KC is going to stay with her whilst Beckett and I go adventuring.

Well I need to make sure I fit in.........

We arrive on Monday 1st April. (Is that prophetic, I wonder...) and will be met at the Port of St. John, NB by Beckett and his two lovely sisters Veil & Maddy. I'm quite excited about meeting them and Nanny and Beckett's Mum. (I'm not so sure about his Dad, given that we are "borrowing" his car, and Beckett says we have to leave under the cover of darkness....)

Veil, Maddy and Beckett 'muscles' Greyhound

I think the girls would quite liked to have come with us but we told them this was a boys only trip. We have our leather jackets, we have our Wayfarers and we are ready to roll!

This is the trail. Looks pretty cool doesn't it? Beckett says we should be able to see whales.

....And these are our wheels!  
Don't you think we'll look good in this? (If Beckett's Dad doesn't find out first...)

Beckett and I will be posting photographs regularly throughout our trip so please keep an eye out for our posts. You can visit Beckett's blog here

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See you all later!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spoiled Again!

As many of you will know, I spent all of last week at Ganny's. And as ever she spoiled me rotten.

Ganny had cooked liver and carrots for me when we arrived. Regular viewers will note that I have my bowl stand with me this time......well done Mum. 

I keep forgetting to show you the calendar I made Ganny for Christmas. First Flynn, and now I make her one every year. 

May definitely has the best photograph! Both Ganny & I have our birthdays in May. 

Ganny and Mum were having dinner one evening (whilst I lay patiently on the floor chanting "drop the steak, drop the steak" under my breath) when Mum noticed the security lights had come on outside. She looked out and there were TWO CATS staring in at us through the window! 

The first one ran off before Mum could get the camera out but this fella was a really cool customer. Bl**dy cheek! Mum thought I might attempt to throw myself through the window but I was actually very good. I don't really bother unless the little critters make a run for it!  Anyway, there was the steak to think about.....

The weather was a bit on the inclement side, so Ganny didn't feel like going out much

That's okay Ganny. I'm more than happy to just take it easy.........

Back home the weather is seriously inclement.......and very windy! This was taken yesterday (do you think she gets some sort of sadistic pleasure from making me look stupid...?) but today the snow is much worse. Mum had to shovel 18" away from the door so I could get out for my wees!  

So you know what I'm going to do today, don't you? 

You got it! I'm just going to kick back and relax..... Have a good weekend all. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nearly Wordless Wednesday 20/3

I'm so hungry I could eat a ho............. hooman!
 (Makes a change from Tesco horse burgers I guess....hehe!)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Pat's Day!

May you all enjoy a drop of the black stuff.........

Today is also my Mums' 9th Anniversary. Who can believe that.... certainly not them. Actually more likely they can't remember it.....


Happy Anniversary Mums'!

Love Deccy & KC xxx

Deccy would like to thank  The Hare and Hounds pub on Toller Lane, Bradford, for his Guinness promotional items. The staff there are currently collecting Easter eggs to be handed out on the Childrens' ward of Bradford Royal Infirmary, so if you are in the area and would like to make a donation, it would be very welcome. You might want a pint in front of the fire while you are there too......!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pip and Puddles Appreciation Day

REVPip and Puddles Couch-001.jpg

I'm away at Ganny's at the moment but I'd like to congratulate Pip & Pudds upon their "Coronation"
They both  rock; Yorkshire still hasn't fully recovered from their visit!

Have a drink on me guys and have a great day!
Much love
Deccy xx

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Things are a little hectic.....

I'm really sorry that I haven't been about much lately......sometimes life takes over. Things aren't going to improve anytime soon unfortunately as Mum and I are going to Ganny's again tomorrow.....we think for about a week.

Please try and bare with us! We have managed to keep up with a few people...mainly those that use Facebook as Mum can get some notifications on her phone, but if anyone has big news that we might have missed, please email us!

Today though, has been a good day. I went to my tennis courts to meet with my friends Sid and Meg. Mum says I'm so much happier (and interestingly better behaved!) when I have some pals with me!

Mum wanted me to start out with a muzzle and she's hoping eventually to be able to let me off my lead in open spaces......where there might be rabbit-dogs! I think I look a bit like Hannibal Lecter in this shot!

This is Sid with me. Yes I know he's going faster, but he isn't 2 yet! Sid is a Whippet x Greyhound.

Bottoms up! Meg is a Wheaten Terrier x Greyhound

We're waiting......

For Pete's sake how much longer are you going to make us stare at that piece of sausage?!!

And now I am home with me jim jams on and having a well deserved snuggle. I tell you; I'm shattered!


On a sad note, many of you will know that Au, senior cat at Katz And Other Tales passed away last Sunday. Au would have been 15 next month. He had had a short illness and his devoted Mum, Ellen knew it was time for him to join his old pal Scoop at the Bridge. I'm sure Ellen and Au's brothers Target & Guido would appreciate it, if you want to pop by. 

Au 1998 - 2013

Eat chikkun and run free my furry ginger pal.