Friday, February 8, 2013

The Benfits of Glucosamine for Dogs

Mum has long been convinced about the benefits of glucosamine for dogs and has been using it for nearly 15 years. She first came across it when a friend started taking it to treat arthritis, and was so impressed with the results, they began giving it to their aged Springer Spaniel, with noticeably good results.

Uncle Flynn (also a greyhound, for those who don't know) was given it every day for the 9 1/2 years that Mum had him, and gained his wings at a still pretty spritely 12 1/2.  I have been taking a daily dose of glucosamine for 1.5 years that I have lived with my Mums. Whilst I am a fit 5 year old, Mum thinks my joints probably took a bit of a pounding during my racing career, so she thinks it's a good  idea to do what she can to help maximise my mobility for when I get older.

Don't look bad on it do I?!

So when Mum was contacted by VetVits to ask if I'd like to try Flexi-Joints which is a glucosamine supplement especially for dogs, she was more than happy to say yes. 

Mum has always purchased glucosamine sulphate (2KCI) designed for human consumption, but she was interested to see there are several advantages to the VetVits doggy variety.
  • Flexi-Joints uses glucosamine hydrochloride (HCI)  which provides 40% more pure glucosamine per gram than 2KCI
  • Each tablet also contains 75mg of chondroitin which is documented to work synergistically with glucosamine.
  • The tablets also contain Vitamin E and a non acidic form of Vitamin C

A dog of my size (32kg) needs to take 3-4 tablets a day. Mum has been giving me 3, so the 240 tablets will last me just short of 12 weeks. They are beef flavoured, so Mum was hoping they would be easier to feed to me than the 2KCI, but I'm still not very keen! However, once they are mixed into my food, they aren't as easy to find so I don't tend to spit them out. 

I have been taking the tablets for about 4 weeks now, and Mum has been very pleased with them. As for me? I think pretty much anything that gets hidden in chicken liver is just fine!!

Flexi-Joints are available from VetVits via mail order. 

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