Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pip Visits His Spiritual Homeland Of Yorkshire!

Things were starting to unravel!

Lets test the resolve of the dymanic duo....!

Puddles: Dang it! Not only do dey drive on the wrong side of da road, dey have stoopid road signs too!

Pip: Aye, 'appen as mebbee. Blimey! I've only been here 5 minutes and already I'm talking like a native! 

Puddles demonstrated her driving skills by doing a spectacular hand brake turn at the entrance!

Puddles: Geez Deccy really must have made some money in his racing days!

Pip: Aye lass. Where's there's muck, there's brass. Help! I really am speaking foreign!

Not wanting to take any chances with Pip's health Deccy insisted he visited Messrs Herriot, Farnon & Farnon for a check up before the fun began! Only world famous vets for our boy!

Pip: Nah then Vetnary, tha just mind where tha's sticking that thermometer.....


It was decided that Pip should have a cultural tour of his spiritual homeland, and, thinking that they couldn't get into too much trouble the intrepid trio kicked off the tour at the Royal Armouries museum.....

Puddles loved the idea of Royal!

Though Pip looked every inch the King of all Yorkshire terriers, Puddles wasn't too sure that the colour of her hair was quite right!

Pip: Nah then wench Puddles, tha must be doin' ma bidding....

Puddles: What the freakin' heck is you talking about boy?! Anyway, I is Queen!

Puddles had a cunning plan to get the beers before Deccy did!

Next stop on the cultural tour... The Yorkshire Sculpture Park!

Pip attempted to blend in, however, Deccy and Pudds had other ideas!

Pip: Reet, we've found rabbit, nah where do tha keep ferrets lad?!

Puddles: Man, can you stop talking rubbish and go find me some snacks? Darn place! No Cheetos and warm beer!

Did you know that the Bronte's came from Haworth Pip?

Puddles eventually decided that things could have been worse!

Pip: Eeeee! Tha can't beat a decent pint of Yorkshire Bitter and a packet of cheese & onion crisps!

Puddles: Like I says, warm beer and what da hell is crisps anyway!

Enough of this cultural nonsense.... Let's have fun at the seaside!
The birthplace of Captain James Cook, the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula and home of the Magpie Cafe which serves some of the best fish and chips in the UK!

Puddles was most upset that the bracing Yorkshire sea breeze had displaced hairs #1 to #13376

Fortunately Deccy had the foresight to book a table!
Pip: Does tha think I can 'ave scraps with me fish & chips?

Puddles: This is getting boring Pip. You're AMERICAN for freak sake!
Mmmmm..... Nom Nom Nom...

Whitby Abbey
Nice set of teefers Puddles!


And so to the last part of the visit... 

On location in Yorkshire... the setting for many great movies and television programmes including Last of the Summer Wine, Emmerdale and Calendar Girls...

Dey should have called it Last of da Summer Beer!
Does Chas know it's way past openin' time?
Pip: I've always wanted t'star int programme 'bout everyday country folk......

Puddles: I don't give a dedded groundhog boy! Dis place don't sell Cheetos neither!

Cheers Pip and enjoy the rest of your trip! 

Pip: Eeeee thank you Deccy lad, that wa reet good that wa......

Puddles: And how exactly is you going to direct me outta here, when all you can speak is freakin Yorkshire? Huh? Freakin heck boy.......