Friday, January 18, 2013

Feed the birds......

I was just about to say me Mum likes the birds, but then I wondered if that would be regarded as libelous, so I will say that Mum feels sorry for our little feathered friends in the cold winter months and likes to put plenty of food out for them. Everything is put on a bird table to stop my good self from scoffing it all and making meself sick.......

Because Mum has way too much time on her hands is kind, she often makes food for the birdies. Here are the latest offerings.

Bread, seed & meal worm lard cake.....nom nom nom.....or not!

Next she made some fat balls to hang up. These were made with porridge oats, bird seed, meal worms and some out of date muesli stirred into melted lard. She then took a small foil pie dish and half filled it with the mixture. She then placed a small piece of orange / fruit bag netting over the top and then placed another layer of mixture on top of that. The balls were placed in the freezer until hard. The metal tray was then removed and string tied to the exposed netting. 

The remaining mixture was rolled into small balls and placed into a fat ball feeder

All goodies in place!

Unfortunately the following pictures aren't great as the only way we could snap the birdies was from inside the house through the window, so there are issues with reflections. Gives you an idea though!

Starlings and a sparrow. They've made a good start on the fat ball holder!

A Robin patiently waits his turn!

He's getting there!

Well there has to be a picture of me doesn't there?! Do you think if I stand here long enough the birdies will forget about me and drop their fat balls on the floor? I prefer it when they get plain old bread. Much more chance of snack then!