Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday 28/11

"All right Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up..."
                                                            -Declan "Gloria" Greyhound

Monday, November 26, 2012

A gift for me?! Yeah well, thanks anyway....

Some of you will know that I have been whinging like a girl asking politely about getting a new collar for some time. It's not that I am particularly fashion conscious, though if you've seen me in my new sweater, you could be forgiven for thinking that I am very vain like to look good. It's just that many of my friends have hundreds quite a lot of collars (you know who you are, small female greyhound in Illinois...) and I think it's unfair that I miss out just because I'm a bloke.

Last year my Mums spent some time trying to find something that we all liked, and as you will know because I have been wearing it for the past 365 days we came up with this one...

My unbridled enthusiasm was almost palpable....

It turned out to be an extremely well made collar and is still in great condition, but because I kept going on and on about it  have been a very good boy Mums said I could choose a new one. 

1.5 inch Martingale Collar, Pink, Daisy, Floral, Greyhound Collar, Dog Collar, Daisies, Greyhound Martingale
Oh that's really funny.... Has one of you been talking to Beckett? Keep looking Mothers....

2 inch Martingale Dog Collar Flowers on Black
Why do I feel you two just aren't taking this seriously...?

Finally after much searching, we found a collar that all three of us could agree on (I didn't ask KC's opinion for obvious reasons) 

And here it is. As you can see I am almost as excited about it as I was last year.

No doubt in 12 months time I will have forgotten about the fact that I don't care about collars and will be moaning about how hard done by I am avidly searching for a new one.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving
To All Our American Friends!

(save a little turkey for your pal, won't you?!)

Deccy & his Mums xxx

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday 21/11

I can't find KC anywhere.........

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Beccy & Deccy Show (with Miss Veil)!

Many of you will know my good friend Beckett and his sisters Maddy & Veil from Home Is Where the Hounds Are   Some time ago Beckett showed up wearing the most fantastic sweater. I'll be honest; I was jealous. I'm a red blooded boy, but if I'd have been a girl, I probably would have swooned.....

The boy looks good doesn't he?

Beckett and his Mum, Angela offered to send my Mums the pattern. After I'd finished rolling around on the floor laughing a short time I explained to them that Mum can't sew a button on and Other Mum is STILL crocheting the greyhound she started 10 months ago, so there wasn't a hope in hell of me getting a sweater for this winter.  "Never fear!" said Beckett. "I will ask my Nanny is she will knit a sweater for you. Nanny loves knitting..."

 Nanny Jean (who I would quite like to adopt as  another Nanny!) said she was happy to knit me a sweater so I said I'd leave the choice of colour to her and Beckett. Now Beckett likes to think he is funny has quite a sense of humour, so said he'd ask Nanny to use the left over wool from Veil's new jumper......

Yes really funny mate. Not......!

I fully accept that real men can wear pink, but I live in Yorkshire, so it's not a good idea!

A couple of weeks ago Beckett announced that Nanny had finished the jumper and he was trying it on to make sure it would be a perfect fit. Beckett is a bit bigger than me, but we have the same deep, manly chest measurement!

How good is that?!

Having agreed the fit was perfect, Beckett's Mum parceled up the sweater, and last week it arrived!

I look good don't I?!

One of the best things was that it still sniffed faintly of Beckett, and there were even one or two of his lovely brindles on it!

 It's a bit warm lying in front of the oven, Mum!

Enough of this posing Mum! We have established that I look handsome and hunky so can we now go for a walk so I can show off my new jumper  to everyone?

A very big thank you to Angela, Nanny Jean and of course me old mucker Beckett!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ganny's and test driving an RAC blanket!

Well, as predicted I had a completely splendid time at Ganny's!  Rather fortunately for me, Ganny has a very small appetite, so there are always LOTS of leftovers. During the week I managed to sample duck, steak, fish and chips, chicken stir fry and chicken and pancetta pie (hooray for Marks & Spencer!)

Me sleeping off the effects........

A few weeks ago we were contacted by the RAC, the car breakdown cover experts and asked if we'd like to review one of their pet travel accessories. I was quite keen to get the Pet lock KC in, but Mum said that I was being a git would be unkind, so in the end I settled on the Waterproof Dog Blanket.  As luck would have it, it arrived just before we left to visit Ganny so we took it with us.

"Even though this is keeping my tummy lovely and dry, I will not look at the camera Mum...."

The blanket is dark grey fleece with an orange trim and has a waterproof underside. It measures 148cm x 128cm and can be washed at 30 degrees. 

"Oh alright then, but I wouldn't still be lying here if it wasn't for my nice new blankie"

"Oooooh nom noms! Why didn't you say so before?!"

The blanket rolls up and has a carrying handle. This is the blanket after Mum re-rolled it, proving that it is fairly idiot proof simple to do...

We liked the blanket and plan to keep it in the car to take on picnics (assuming this country ever has another summer.....) We did think it would be good if it was also made in another colour as dark grey with a mainly white dog means it will look pretty furry very quickly, but other than that we thought it was a good and useful product. 

The blanket costs £18.99 and is available from the RAC online shop

So now I am back at home and it is back to reality with a bump. In fact I am having to keep a low profile due to a little incident  that occurred on Wednesday. Mum went out and left me and while I was "inspecting" the front door I managed to flip the bolt and lock Mum out. By the amount of swearing I could hear, I was quite glad there was a locked door between us.... Mum thought she could get in via the back door, but had forgotten the security chain. So she rang Other Mum up and told her she needed to come home from work and bring a pair of bolt cutters with her...Other Mum said it is one of the stranger phone calls she has received. Oh well... maybe she'll think twice before leaving me again.....tee hee!!

Declan's Dogs Blog has not received any financial compensation for carrying out the review of an RAC product, and the views stated represent our honest opinion of the product. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday 14/11

Do you ever have days when your nose is just to heavy to lift up?!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

On my travels again.......

Tomorrow I am off to visit Ganny for about a week, so I am looking forward to dining on duck and steak and trout and all sorts of other lovely things that Mum is too tight to buy for me I don't usually get to eat at home. Good ol' Ganny!

I thought I'd let you know as I wouldn't want you to think that I'd abandoned all my friends! I hope everyone has a super week and see you all soon.

Here is a picture of me looking quite regal..... in case you forget what I look like!