Friday, August 31, 2012

Song Song Blue

If you haven't already heard, I have to tell you the very sad news that Sue from Graceful Greyhounds  had to have her beautiful girl Song put to sleep earlier today. It was discovered that Song had cancer.

Song was Declan's Aunty, and although we never met, we are so saddened by her loss.

Please take a moment to visit Sue and offer your condolences. Sue gave Song the happiest of retirements and although she was far too young to leave us, she had a wonderful life with Sue.

Song Song Blue 2006 - 2012. 

Run free Sweetheart. 

Deccy's Day Trips

Whilst we were visiting Ganny this last week, Mum & Ganny had a trip to the National Memorial Aboretum near Alrewas in Staffordshire. The Arboretum has in excess of 50,000 trees and is a living tribute that acknowledges the sacrifices made by the armed and civil services of our country.

The centrepiece of the Arboretum is the Armed Forces Memorial, which carries the names of those killed on active service or terrorist attack since January 1st 1948. To date there is in excess of 16000 names on the wall.

It is a fantastic piece of architecture which draws its inspiration from prehistoric monuments. The alignment and axis of the memorial ensures that on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the sun rays stream through the open door of one of the sculptures illuminating a central wreath.


The sculpture shows a woman and a Gurkha preparing the body of a soldier for burial whilst  another carves the soldier's name on the wall. The figure before the open door points to a world beyond where the soldier will rest.

There are over 500 memorials in total and the Arboretum is a lovely place to wander around on a sunny day.

The Polar Bear Memorial is dedicated to the 49th Light Infantry West Riding Division who were stationed in Iceland in WWII

The Anglo-Japanese Peace Grove

The Royal Air Force Regiment Memorial

Over 30 metres of the original track of the Burma Railway are laid at the Arboretum as a tribute to those forced to construct the infamous "Railway of Death"

An original signpost from the Burma railway showing 152km to Burma and 263km to Siam (Thailand)

The War Widows' Rose Garden

The thing that Mum and Ganny wanted to see most of all was the The British Berlin Airlift Memorial. My Granddad served in the RAF and flew on the Berlin Airlift in 1948 / 49.

The monument is a tribute to those who took part in the Berlin Airlift - an operation to deliver food and supplies to a besieged Berlin between 1948 and 1949. The operation ended on May 12th 1949 - which was Granddad's 21st birthday.

 I wasn't allowed to go on the trip as dogs aren't allowed in the Arboretum. That seems like an awful waste of 50 000 trees to me..hehe!  Uncle Terry & Aunty Jean came to look after me and we had a lovely time in Ganny's garden.

You can't beat sunshine and a pigs ear!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nearly Wordless Thursday.......ahem.....

Okay, so we are a little behind this week.... But it's still Wednesday in Honolulu, so Mum figured we could get away with it....!

Mum, this is ridiculous. It's 3 o'clock in the morning....

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My first Bloggerversary!

It's me.... KC!
Since uncle Deccy is away enjoying himself again I has been left in charge of proceedings! I did think dat I would treat you all to some writings about myself, but, Mum did bribe me with a can of an endless supply of tuna fiss if I would post dis on behalf of uncle Deccy... well, since dis is a speshul day I will graciously accept da supply of tuna fiss and give you something dat uncle Deccy did write earlier... so, over to you uncle Deccy!


I can hardly believe that today I have been blogging for a whole year! I would never have thought that when I tentatively put a paw through the door of Blogville it would take up so much time that the house has gradually fallen apart would become such a big part of my life.

I'm amazed by all the wonderful people and dogs and cats that I've met too. It's certain that most of us will never meet in the fur but I feel like I've got some very good friends out there, and I know Mum does too. I don't want to mention anyone in particular because you are all lovely, but I have to say a big thank you to me Beryl for making me the happiest boy in the world!

Isn't she the lovliest girl?!

I thought I'd leave you with a few photos and links to my favourite posts that sum up the year for me.
This was the first time I went to the tennis courts for an off lead run
Then there was all of those bl**dy castles when I went on holiday

Not so good was the beginning of my EBI (Exploding Bum Issues) upon my return home :-(

There were some lovely Autumn walks

And Mum's attempt to explain some of the ideosyncracies of Yorkshire

Visits to Gannys guarantee to make me a happy boy!

I've loved causing a smile with my Wordless Wednesday posts!

I couldn't wait for Christmas.....!

There was the creation of Declan's Deli Bad Boy Sauces

Other Mum's first attempt at knitting me a snood Thanks Other Mum......NOT

I had my first date with Beryl in Dublin at the St. Patrick's Day Picnic

More lovely walks in the Yorkshire Dales

Some mad weather in April (this picture was taken a week after the one above in the Dales!)

I got some fabulous art work from Puddles

May brought the first anniversary of Mums losing Uncle Flynn. RIP Big Fella....

And on a happier note, my birthday!

I've told you a bit about my life as a racing dog That's me in trap 2.....

It was an houour to be part of the Blogville Olympics and hosting the  Tuneful Farting Event

All in all it's been a pretty full year. Thank you to all my friends and followers for your support and friendship and for making me so welcome. I hope there are many more Bloggerversaries to come!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday 22/8

Declan could do "Wing" but the "Nuts" were a different matter........

I am off to stay with Ganny for a few days, so if you don't see me around you'll know why. Mum says I can take my dog snot nose art covered laptop with me because we may be able to pick up WiFi at the pub somewhere locally, but she's not sure. So see you next week sometime, if not before!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Spot the difference...

Many of you will know that Mum has had a bit of an issue with the seatbelts in my car of late....ahem. Well she's been putting off getting them fixed for ages because they cost a fortune no one ever sits in the rear seats anyway. Unfortunately the car had to have its annual MOT safety test last week, so Mum raided my savings found her credit card and headed for the garage to get them fixed.





Now I know what you're all thinking.... How is Mum going to stop old Mr Needle Nose poking his head through and eating them all over again? 

Muzzle him! I hear you all cry. Oh but don't you think that muzzles are a little passé for a handsome man about town like me?

Taa Daaa! Simply pop to your local cook shop and purchase 2 wire cooling racks. Attach to your dog guard with cable ties. 

So now everyone is happy..... well not happy exactly; Mums wallet is considerably lighter and what am I supposed to nibble on? But at least I can go out in my car without the risk of getting myself into big trouble.... I wonder what car carpet tastes like.......? 

Friday, August 17, 2012

KC's new apartment

It's me.... KC!
I has really been a very good girl lately so my Mums have decided dat I gets to have my very own furnished apartment as a speshal reward.....

Mums' version of events: After 4 years of access to the bedroom without major incident, KC relabeled our bed "litter tray" and pee'd copiously on the duvet. She is fine when we are there at night, but has to be shut out during the day......

I has been really bored because I was unjustly banished from dat exciting playground in mums room... yes dey locked me out and I just had access to da stairs and  landing with my cushion in a tiny corner by da bedroom door. So, I did curl up on da cushion in a very small ball and looked REALLY sad and pathetic crying loudly until dey did take pity on da poor and lonely Princess of Darkness........ hmmmm...

Despite her causing us to unknowingly sleep beneath a pee'd upon duvet (urgh!) we love that cat and we felt guilty.... She's already had to be moved upstairs to avoid Declan eating her, and now she didn't even have a window to look out of. So we decided to turn the spare bedroom into KC's room (On the proviso she'll let me borrow it to do the ironing in.....)

Dat worked likes a dream den... hehe! I is a Princess and should be treated as such. Sure Mum you can borrow my apartment to iron in...cos you do that really often don't you? Ahem....... and I does like to sit on da ironing board and watch da proceedings...

Dis is me on the windowsill in MY new apartment... see da tiny cushion?

And dis is me in MY new basket dat is colour co ordinated too!
Perhaps dey is not cheapskates after all!

But den I did sleep and stretch out in da sun and
The Suckers Mums  began to wonder if I was feeling bored again....

Dey was worried dat I was missing my  litter tray bed and windowsill and desk and drawers and best of all under the bed where there is piles of crap neatly arranged shoes to play with in their bedroom. 

So dey searched on the Internet and a few days later dis arrived:

WTF! A pile of fur fabric covered shapes. And ridiculous destructions!
How very interesting. NOT

Oh. I suppose dats a little better but I isn't getting on top....

Not only did the cat tower cost us an arm and a leg, it took forever to build and nearly ended in divorce!  The temptation to wrap a hessian pole around someones neck can be over whelming at times.....

I is only sitting here because you is waving my Seaside Treats at me. 
I don't like it, you know. It mells...

That is the only time she has sat on it so far... and that's because I glued her paws to the platform.... just kidding...... ahem.......  You'd have thought she'd love it.... this is the previous "activity centre".......

I don't know what da point of that is either. Wallpaper and carpets is for sharpening claws on.....

So I'll just sit here on my windowsill looking all small and smug sad....
and lets see what else dey buys me...hehe!

Anyways does Deccy you all know that today is Black Cat Appreciation Day?!

Did you knows dat Black Cats is less likely to bes adopted than any other colours and 5 times more likely to be deaded? :-(

Yeah well, if they are all like you I'm not surprised.....

Shuts up b*%^!rd dog, I is being serious. Black Cats is wonderful. Adopt 27  one today!