Thursday, December 6, 2012

The things you have to do to get a treat.......

Like a few of my other UK blogging buddies, I've been contacted by Money Supermarket  who are currently running a competition asking bloggers to publish a post about what lengths us dogs and cats will go to, to win a treat.

I'll be honest; initially I didn't think it was for me.....after all I am a greyhound and I really don't "do" anything to get treats.... I expect them to be served up automatically as is my divine right. But then the nice lady called Louise emailed me again to say the closing date has been extended to 14th December, so I thought "What the hell.....there is, after all, quite a lot of effort that goes into doing cute as well as I do it....."

"Come on get treat making Mum! I'm doing my best pleading eyes"

"No I am NOT prepared to wait patiently until they are done"

"Look I'm sitting and we all know Greyhounds can can't sit!"

"Will you let go! I am NOT a performing dog you know"

But really, who wouldn't be impressed by this huh?!

If you'd like to enter the competition, simply write a post about what your pet will do to get a treat and email a link to with Pets Win Praises in the subject line. Full details including prizes can be found at The Money Supermarket