Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas has come early!

The other day, my good friend Mr Postman knocked at the front door and handed Mum a parcel. Nothing unusual in that, you might say, except it wasn't addressed exclusively to me! We NEVER get parcels here that aren't mine! The parcel was addressed to the whole family, so Mum said she'd like the novelty of opening it. Inside were three Christmas parcels; one for me, one for KC and one for my Mums, from my lovely Aunty Lynne and Dip Bridge & Elliot Well, having not been able to open the first parcel, I honestly couldn't contain myself, so I pinched my parcel and ran off with it!

This is what I found inside:

It's a stretchy fleece tug rope that Aunty Lynne made!

Mum must have been in a good mood for a change and said I could keep it. I demanded that we tested it immediately...

Oh yes, that is excellent! Strong but nice and soft on my mouth.

Mum was left with a bit of a dilemma....she said it wasn't fair that I had my present and KC hadn't got hers, so she decided she could open hers too.

Isn't he brilliant?! Aunty Lynne made him too. Mum said he is so lovely she was reluctant to hand him over!

"I know you are there but I am an aekward little s*d a cat so I am ignoring you...."

"Are you following me, Mickey?!"

" smell quite good"

"Nom nom nom nom......."

By now Mum was feeling seriously left out, and being able to resist anything except temptation, she opened her and Other Mum's present too.

How cute is that?!

We think Aunty Lynne is really clever. For ages her friends have been encouraging her to share some of the fantastic things she makes by opening an Etsy shop, and now she has done it!

It's called Handmade Gifts by L. If you're looking for some great Christmas decorations or a unique birthday present, you should pop along!

Aunty Lynne has made us lots of lovely things since we've known her, so we thought you might like a look..

First came the little cactus that became the emblem of the Crocheted Cactus Club, of which I am President!

 Then came this purrrfect putty tat that Aunty Lynne gave Mum for her birthday. 

This is one of my crocheted cricket ball!

...And Mum's favourite....her super warm winter socks!

So don't forget to pop along to Lynne's shop.She's adding new things all the time and they do come with my personal recommendation!