Friday, November 16, 2012

Ganny's and test driving an RAC blanket!

Well, as predicted I had a completely splendid time at Ganny's!  Rather fortunately for me, Ganny has a very small appetite, so there are always LOTS of leftovers. During the week I managed to sample duck, steak, fish and chips, chicken stir fry and chicken and pancetta pie (hooray for Marks & Spencer!)

Me sleeping off the effects........

A few weeks ago we were contacted by the RAC, the car breakdown cover experts and asked if we'd like to review one of their pet travel accessories. I was quite keen to get the Pet lock KC in, but Mum said that I was being a git would be unkind, so in the end I settled on the Waterproof Dog Blanket.  As luck would have it, it arrived just before we left to visit Ganny so we took it with us.

"Even though this is keeping my tummy lovely and dry, I will not look at the camera Mum...."

The blanket is dark grey fleece with an orange trim and has a waterproof underside. It measures 148cm x 128cm and can be washed at 30 degrees. 

"Oh alright then, but I wouldn't still be lying here if it wasn't for my nice new blankie"

"Oooooh nom noms! Why didn't you say so before?!"

The blanket rolls up and has a carrying handle. This is the blanket after Mum re-rolled it, proving that it is fairly idiot proof simple to do...

We liked the blanket and plan to keep it in the car to take on picnics (assuming this country ever has another summer.....) We did think it would be good if it was also made in another colour as dark grey with a mainly white dog means it will look pretty furry very quickly, but other than that we thought it was a good and useful product. 

The blanket costs £18.99 and is available from the RAC online shop

So now I am back at home and it is back to reality with a bump. In fact I am having to keep a low profile due to a little incident  that occurred on Wednesday. Mum went out and left me and while I was "inspecting" the front door I managed to flip the bolt and lock Mum out. By the amount of swearing I could hear, I was quite glad there was a locked door between us.... Mum thought she could get in via the back door, but had forgotten the security chain. So she rang Other Mum up and told her she needed to come home from work and bring a pair of bolt cutters with her...Other Mum said it is one of the stranger phone calls she has received. Oh well... maybe she'll think twice before leaving me again.....tee hee!!

Declan's Dogs Blog has not received any financial compensation for carrying out the review of an RAC product, and the views stated represent our honest opinion of the product.