Friday, October 5, 2012

The Galloping Field

Yesterday morning, Mum took me for an early morning walk to the Galloping Field.

The Galloping Field was named by Flynn, well, because this is where he used to gallop!

The field is actually a piece of open land adjoined to two rugby pitches (in the background.) Beyond them is a small wood which leads to a golf course. In the very far distance you can see the moors. 

Mum & I have an ambition that one day I will be able to run off lead here too.

Unfortunately, there are several exits that lead to fairly busy roads, so Mum says she's going to have to be a little bit more confident in me, before she'll trust me not to "do a runner" as she puts it!

My dear departed Uncle named these huts "Wabbit City". He used to enter the field with Mum at the top of a very steep slope and then would gallop half way around the field (never across the middle)  at full pelt with the rabbits watching (and laughing at) him!

Wabbit 1: "Oh look here comes Flynn....AGAIN. Bet you a fiver I have the nerve to let him within 20ft before disappearing into my house"

Wabbit 2: "You're on! If you can make him skid into the hut I'll make it a tenner!"

Wabbit 1's house.

Mum has no idea why there are always so many seagulls on the field; we are a good 70 miles from the coast!

I trust you will untie me from this rugby post before the game starts Mum.......Mum....MUM?!!

Mum don't move! There's a really BIG wabbit over there.....!

Any chance we can get on with the walk; I think I've posed enough.....!