Friday, October 12, 2012

Spot the castle!

When we rented our little cottage in Wales, there were several points that sold it to Mums:

 It was on one level, so no need to worry about me and steep inaccessible stairs.

I can confirm no stairs were climbed in order to reach this bed......

There were ample gardens for Mums and me to sit in.

Yes they seem ample enough.......

Relaxing in the aforementioned ample garden.

And finally, and I quote from the owner's literature, "you can sit in the front gardens and enjoy the views of Harlech and Criccieth castles" This pleased Other Mum immensely... she likes castles. Mum groaned and put her head in her hands.....she's not quite such a fan.

View of Criccieth castle: check!

View of Harlech castle: Blimey you need good eyesight to see that! This picture was taken on our last day- it took Mums all week to identify it!

Should anyone be interested, this is what it looks like close up!