Friday, October 26, 2012

Please join me for breakfast.........

Hello everyone; I have missed you all this week! Unfortunately my assistant and typist has been a bit under the weather and so I haven't been able to get to my laptop very much.

We haven't got a post prepared for today, but I have persuaded Mum to let me pop along just to say hello, so I thought you might all like to join me for breakfast.... or brunch or dinner depending on where you are in the world!

I am still enjoying a part raw diet, so here is what's on the menu today....

Today we have canned pumpkin, broccoli, apple, carrot, tinned sardines and beef.

Mum whizzed it all up in the processor for me.

Please Mum....we are all waiting!

Come on everyone; tuck in!....nom nom nom.......

Last weekend my Aunty Lou came to stay with us (she's not really my aunty; she's Mum's very best friend, so she counts as one...)  On Monday, Mum took us to Kilnsey Park.... some of you will remember that we went there in the summer and had a lovely time....

After Kilnsey Park we went to a beautiful little village called Kettlewell and had lunch at the Bluebell pub. I particularly liked it as they let dogs in and the landlord gave me a gravy bone!

Mum (who has been terribly vague all week.....) forgot that she had her camera until we were half way home...

We thought these beech trees we beautiful in their autumn colours. 

Whilst we we at Kilnsey Park, Mum couldn't resist buying some of their lovely smoked trout.

So that's dinner sorted then.....Mum, can I have the tails......?!

I wish you all a happy weekend and I hope to be back with you shortly... once I can get my staff sorted. I think I still have some more things to tell you about my you can't wait?!! I might just spare you the castles this time though! See you soon (I hope).

With love,
Deccy xxx