Friday, October 19, 2012

Declan the Chef goes raw!

Mum has been thinking about homemade and raw food for me for sometime now. She likes the idea of both, although for some weird human reason worries a little about giving me raw food. WTF?! I'm a dog Mum. You think Mr Caveman used to nip out and get a tin of Pedigree Chum for his doggy? Sheesh!  Anyway, I digress. Several of our blogging friends who enjoy the delights of raw food will have heard Mum moan that it's really hard for us to get raw meat for pets. It seems it is not hard; Mum simply wasn't looking hard enough. When we were on holiday recently Mums found a supplier and having got a brand name, have been able to source it locally. Again weirdly, Mum feels more confident about feeding me this stuff. Never try and understand a human.....!

We've been able to buy the raw mince in rabbit, beef, tripe, fish and chicken. 

 Mum has been dividing the packs into three and mixing it with a reduced amount of kibble....and I LOVE it! I can also report that my bottom has been behaving beautifully, so no worries on that front!

Now for the homemade bit. Rather fortunately for us, my small but perfectly formed friend Dachshund Nola wrote a post about the benefits of homemade food. Nola has a lot of allergies, so commercial food is pretty much off limits for her. Mum was really inspired by Nola's recipes, so decided to try something similar for me. Mum decided she didn't have the storage space for me to go totally homemade, so again she been mixing it with a reduced amount of kibble. 

For our first attempt Mum used celery, carrots, apple, cabbage and cooked potato.

She grated everything bar the potatoes in the food processor 

......And mixed it all together.

Finally she mixed in one pack of raw pet mince - in this case, rabbit.

Mum divides this into 6 portions and adds it to my kibble. She has made another batch using a mixed bag of squash, broccoli and cauliflower, an apple, celery, carrot and half a tin of chopped pineapple. She added raw beef mince to this. 

At this early stage, Mum can't say what the benefits are, other than I really like it, it isn't costing us anymore and she knows I am getting some fresh vegetables, which can't be a bad thing. She likes the idea that I'm getting some raw meat too. Makes me feel all manly...... Grrrrrrrrr!!!!