Monday, October 1, 2012

A Tale of Two Cow Dogs.....

It's meeee KC!

I is pretty isn't I?
Uncca Deccy has asked me if I would blag for hims today as frankly, he is still knackurds from his twip to Ganny's. I let hims think I is doing him a favour but really I is pleased as I isn't getting da attention I so richly deserve.... so, I has been racking me brains trying to find something to blag about.... then it hit me like da big sledge hammer!....

Da kids around here has a pet name for Uncca Deccy! Does you know what it is?
It does be da Cow Dog! he he he....
Mum says dat "one can only assume it's because he has markings not dissimilar to a fresian cow!"

Anyway, dat leads me nicely into my topic of da day...... *drum roll*

Da cow and calf! 

For those of you who doesn't know, da cow and calf is supposed to be quite famous rocks... I don't see how da rocks could be famous myself... rocks is quite boring things dat you can't chase and doesn't smell like tuna fiss...

Does dey look famous to you?
Dey doesn't look much like da cows either, does dey?

Da rocks is actually a lot bigger than dey look... Other Mum does not like da heights and did stupidly once climb all da way to da top of da calf and did get stuck... MOL, I bet dat was a really funny sight! he he he...

Dis rock formation is said to have been created by da giant, Rombald, when he was running away from his scary wife! He stood on da rock and da bit that is da calf fell off!

Anyway these rocks is situated on da edge of Ilkey Moor which was made famous by da well known song "On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at"... for those of you who does not undastand da Yorkshire language dat means "on Ilkley Moor without a hat", though why you would want to be up there without a hat in this weather I does not know, Tha's bahn t'catch thi deeath o'cowd... and no  prizes for guessing what dat means!

Dis does be a posh version of da famous song... 
people is usually much more drunk when they sing it :-)

Anyway, I does digress

Much more realistic doesn't you think!

But dis is not da proper Cow and Calf!


Dis is da proper Cow and Calf!

Is it da Cow Dog and his love child? he he he

Oh hello....  did you shrink in the wash?!

Is you my mum den?

Ahem.... does it look like I am your mum?
Get your nose out of my privates!

Disclaimer: Dis does just be da spooky coincidence and not really Deccy's love child Beryl!... I think... he he