Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm back........and then I was gone again!

This is me trying to look like a salty old sea dog!

Hello everyone, I'm back, but only briefly!  When we got home yesterday we heard that Ganny's sister, who is 85 (Mum's most favourite Aunt) has had a fall and is in hospital with ten stitches in her head. She's stable and hopefully will be allowed home mid week, but Ganny is worrying and also doesn't like driving to the hospital, so I thought I we had better visit, like the knight in furry armour  that I am......

We all had a lovely holiday and I look forward to telling you about that next week (we hope to be home 29/9) 

This is me when we got home last night with the Honktypus Other Mum bought me for being a very good boy on holiday! As you can see I was shattered with all that navigating I had to do for Mum.... At least she knows the way to Ganny's so I'll be able to have a kip on the way down there.....

See you next week everyone

Deccy Over and Out!