Friday, September 7, 2012

Deccy's Day Trips 2

Last week me and the Mums went on a trip to Ampleforth Abbey and College in North Yorkshire.

Since 1802 the Abbey has been the home to the largest community of Benedictine monks in Britain. The Monks teach at Ampleforth College; one of Britain's premier Catholic public schools (for our overseas readers, for public read private though it is a bit more complicated than that!)

The main building of Ampleforth College.

The Abbey and school are set in over 2000 acres. Visitors (including dogs!) are allowed to enjoy much of the grounds.

This is a view towards the playing fields. Most of the land you can see belongs to the Abbey

The Abbey Church

St Benedict - he was born in Italy in 480AD

That's better; a photo with me in it! 
(Mum says to tell you I am not really being strangled by my lead....)

This is a tree in front of the Abbey. I am only including it because Other Mum likes it.......

Look good don't I?....if not a little sleepy.

This is me at the entrance to one of the Abbey's farm fields where wheat was growing.

After we'd had a look around, Mum said she wanted to go into the gift shop to buy something for one of her friends who is  Roman Catholic, so Other Mum & I sat outside like lemons. I happen to know that the monks have apple orchards growing over 40 varieties of apple and produce cider and apple brandy which they the gift shop. I stood in front of the sign saying "free tasting" so Other Mum didn't see it. You owe me Mum!

A suspiciously long Some time later Mum reappeared full of cider brandy bonhomie and told of meeting a monk called Jerome who was working in the shop. Apparently he had been singing to himself  in Latin, when Mum arrived. Makes a change from I suppose! 

Fortunately Mum did remember to buy a St Benedict's medal for her friend to cover her tracks.

As if the day hadn't been nice enough, can you guess what we did on the way home? Of course you can!!

Yep, it was that first ice cream cone moment I told you about!

Have a great weekend everyone.