Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tuneful Farting 2012

Welcome everyone to the Blogville Olympics 2012

 Tuneful Farting Event !! 

Tuneful Farting is a noble and ancient art, originally practised by greyhounds and their ancestors. Our breed can be traced back to 6000BC - so you see we have had a LOT of time to practice. By the 10th century we were (quite rightly) considered the dog of kings and nobility. In fact in Wales at that time, the killing of a Greyhound was punishable by death. I knew there was a good reason for going there for my holidays.....but I digress..

We worked with our masters to hunt stag and hare.(Not that I approve of that sort of thing, but try finding a Tescos 1000 years ago...) We are sighthounds so once we spotted our prey we needed to alert the huntsmen. Some breeds of dog barked to do this, but not us greyhounds; we FARTED! And not just any fart; there was a a plethera of different toots used to advise our humans. PHHAARRPP! meant "stag ahead and to the left". SHURRRUUMP! meant "hare under bush two trees hence"  So you can see how we learnt to be so prolific and tuneful, and thus the sport of Tuneful Farting was born.

Here is a picture of my ancestor, Windy Britches De Percy. He is the black dog letting on rip at the rear of the picture.

Tuneful Farting is divided into two heats (and boy, were some of them hot....!) So make sure to watch the two videos below.....

Tuneful Farting (Heat 1)

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Tuneful Farting (Heat 2)

Well done to all our wonderful atheletes:

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