Saturday, August 25, 2012

My first Bloggerversary!

It's me.... KC!
Since uncle Deccy is away enjoying himself again I has been left in charge of proceedings! I did think dat I would treat you all to some writings about myself, but, Mum did bribe me with a can of an endless supply of tuna fiss if I would post dis on behalf of uncle Deccy... well, since dis is a speshul day I will graciously accept da supply of tuna fiss and give you something dat uncle Deccy did write earlier... so, over to you uncle Deccy!


I can hardly believe that today I have been blogging for a whole year! I would never have thought that when I tentatively put a paw through the door of Blogville it would take up so much time that the house has gradually fallen apart would become such a big part of my life.

I'm amazed by all the wonderful people and dogs and cats that I've met too. It's certain that most of us will never meet in the fur but I feel like I've got some very good friends out there, and I know Mum does too. I don't want to mention anyone in particular because you are all lovely, but I have to say a big thank you to me Beryl for making me the happiest boy in the world!

Isn't she the lovliest girl?!

I thought I'd leave you with a few photos and links to my favourite posts that sum up the year for me.
This was the first time I went to the tennis courts for an off lead run
Then there was all of those bl**dy castles when I went on holiday

Not so good was the beginning of my EBI (Exploding Bum Issues) upon my return home :-(

There were some lovely Autumn walks

And Mum's attempt to explain some of the ideosyncracies of Yorkshire

Visits to Gannys guarantee to make me a happy boy!

I've loved causing a smile with my Wordless Wednesday posts!

I couldn't wait for Christmas.....!

There was the creation of Declan's Deli Bad Boy Sauces

Other Mum's first attempt at knitting me a snood Thanks Other Mum......NOT

I had my first date with Beryl in Dublin at the St. Patrick's Day Picnic

More lovely walks in the Yorkshire Dales

Some mad weather in April (this picture was taken a week after the one above in the Dales!)

I got some fabulous art work from Puddles

May brought the first anniversary of Mums losing Uncle Flynn. RIP Big Fella....

And on a happier note, my birthday!

I've told you a bit about my life as a racing dog That's me in trap 2.....

It was an houour to be part of the Blogville Olympics and hosting the  Tuneful Farting Event

All in all it's been a pretty full year. Thank you to all my friends and followers for your support and friendship and for making me so welcome. I hope there are many more Bloggerversaries to come!