Friday, July 27, 2012

A brief brush with technology!

Last weekend, Other Mum decided that it wasn't possible for her to live a second longer without another laptop. Non of her arguments sounded terribly convincing to Mum, but she's learnt to recognise when there is no point arguing. So now we are a two laptop family. Does that mean we have moved up a grade in the socio economic grouping? No? We've just caught up with everyone else. Oh I see.

As my regular readers will know, Other Mum is quite a technical whizz. She loves her flashy phones (which she appears to upgrade more often than most people change their socks!) and her PC's and laptops.  And then there's the software. She's never happier than when she's Photoshopping something or designing a webpage.

I think Photoshop was one of the excuses reasons she used for needing something with 4 million Gb of memory and 8000 terabytes of hard drive. It was at this point that Mum began to glaze over and stopped trying to be helpful. It seems that Other Mum was not that impressed with her saying "What about this one? It's a lovely shade of navy blue with an interesting wood effect finish"

Don't you think that is nice? Apparently not.......

Eventually the laptop was chosen. It is a very nice shade of red, which I must stress had NOTHING to do with the decision to buy it. Oh no, it was all to do with gigabytes and terabytes and processors. Yeah right Other Mum!

When we got home Other Mum reluctantly graciously said I could have the old laptop all to myself for my blogging and Facebooking....... on one condition; Mum & I must not go anywhere near her lovely new laptop. What does she think we're going to do to it?! Apart from the snot marks on the screen from my nose and Mum's tendency to eat hot buttered toast whilst helping me type, I really can't see what the problem is...Anyway Mum and I winked at each other and nodded at Other Mum in unison. Hehehehe........!!!!

Come Monday morning we were very excited as we shoved Other Mum out the door waved Other Mum off to work. We knew we'd have to be careful or Other Mum would find out about our underhand and sneaky plans. So Mum came up with an idea......

If I cover my paws...

....And keep my nose off the screen, Other Mum will never know!

Hmmmm. Hsvr ypu ecrt trord typunh wiyg psws nevrr mond wjen wesring sovkd? 

  No I don't expect you have tried it! "Mum this typing with socks on isn't going to work you know...."

I told Mum she'd have to do the typing for me.....

"Ahhg thus iz a bot diggicylt is;mt ir"?

So it seems our cunning plan has failed. We are back using the old laptop, but at least we can eat toast and leave snot smears to our hearts content..... There's a moral in there somewhere I'm sure........


Mum wants me to tell you that we are going to have a bit of a break during the Olympics. She also said I must make it perfectly clear that it has nothing to do with the hooman Olympics, which she is already sick of, and we haven't had the opening ceremony yet!

Obviously I will be hosting the
 Tuneful Farting 
event on 4th August and I will be visiting the daily events to support my fellow hosts and all the competitors, but other than that I won't be around much. Mum says we need time to catch up on stuff and this seems likea good time to do it! So if I don't see some of you for a while, have a great couple of weeks or so...

Your pal

Deccy x