Friday, June 1, 2012

The Purple Sparkly Toilet Seat Is Back!!

June is upon us and it is time to announce the category for this month's Deccy's Excellent Blog Award or the Purple Sparkly Toilet Seat, as it is commonly known!

This month the award will go to the Best Alternative Caption to any of my Wordless Wednesday posts in June.

You may suggest as many alternative captions as you like, at anytime from the first post on 6th June up until midnight GMT on 30th June. The winner will be announced in early July.

Now, I don't want you all to get over excited, but this time there will be a very small prize to be won. Don't go giving up your employment just yet though, will you?! Mum says we can send it anywhere including Mars, (that's how small it is hehe!).

Have a good weekend everybody and don't forget to call in on Monday to see me as part of Pitty Post Day and help support the ending of discrimination against Pit Bulls and other so called "dangerous breeds".