Monday, June 11, 2012


I am so excited because I have received two lovely belated birthday presents.

First of all a parcel arrived with a New Zealand postmark and naturally my heart missed a beat! When I opened it, all my wishes came true as it really did contain a present from my love Beryl.  It was the best sort of present, something really personal that Beryl had obviously put lots of thought into. It was her very own NZ bandana that she wore last year in her Dancing with the Doggy Stars video! You know what's the most romantic thing of all though? Beryl hadn't let her Mum, Sue wash it, so it still smells of my beautiful girl! I have told Beryl that any thoughts about a subscription to "Bitchz Magazeen" have been completely forgotten.
Ahhhhhhh..... Eau de Beryl............
For those of you who don't know her, this is my gorgeous girl.
I don't think I will ever want to take it off again........
Thank you very much Beryl, Mum-in-Law and Frankie!

 Then just when I was thinking how lucky I am, a parcel arrived from Aunty Lynne and the hors d'oeuvres Dip Bridge & Elliot

As many of you will know Lynne is a demon crocheter and so she has made me this lovely ball.

Apparently it is stuffed with old socks which Aunty Lynne says she has washed. I'm a little disappointed at this, as I don't think you can beat a smelly sock. Nevertheless, it is very nice and chewy!

Aunty Lynne, being a very good judge of character, has obviously realised that Mum is the jealous type. So she took the precautionary measure of making something for her too....

Mum gets really cold feet (I know this as she keeps trying to wedge them under my nice warm chest-humph!) so these are perfect for her.

Thank you very much Aunty Lynne & the Chewies. Crocheting Rools Okay. Yeah!!