Friday, June 29, 2012

Eat More Sprouts!

Hello Everyone

As some of you know, I am hosting the Tuneful Farting Event at the Blogville Olympics 2012. Tuneful Farting will take place on 4th August and I will be accepting your entries between 9th July and midnight GMT on 18th July. Please remember that late entries cannot be considered. The event is open to all creatures great and small!

Lets face it, farting is funny, so get creative with your entry.We are unable to accept videos so your picture will need to capture the....ahem...essence of your tunefulness!

You may just want to send a picture of you or any of your friends letting one rip......

Is there no privacy in this place?..... Pervert!
Or perhaps picture manipulation is your thing!

Or maybe you'd like to draw a picture of you in the act..........

This is what the love-puppy of Puddles and me would  look like...not that's ever going to happen....obviously....

All pictures can be with or without captions.

So everyone, please get practicing and have your cameras or crayons at the ready. Eat more sprouts and eggs and curries; do whatever it takes!

For the 2012 Olympics, Blogville and The Cat Blogosphere are joining forces. To get full details of all events click HERE

Remember send your entries to me between 9th and 18th July  at declansdogsblog(AT)gmail(DOT)com 
Please remember to include your name and blog address. 

I am away at the computing black hole called Ganny's for a week from Monday 2nd July. Other Mum is in charge, but she probably won't have time to do a lot of commenting. I'm just hoping KC doesn't get her paws on my blog again!