Friday, May 18, 2012

Power of the Pumpkin......

Before I begin I should say to the Americans (possibly Canadians and other more-enlightened-than-my-Mum people) amongst you, that you might want to leave now and do something more useful, like have a cup of tea. If you carry on, I guarantee you will be saying "WTF! Like we didn't know all of this already!"

However, I do like to think of it as an example of international friendship, help and cooperation. A bit like the United Nations... or not. But if you are still here Friends Across The Pond, you have been warned!

I need to back track a little, so if you know all of this (or are having your breakfast) I apologise.

Following a very nasty intestinal bug I caught last October, I have suffered periodically from the dreaded EB (Exploding Bum Issues) The V-E-T did tests &  Mums have done lots of trials with various foods - adding and excluding and we can't come up with anything specific that upsets me. It would seem that having the bug for several weeks has left me with a delicate tummy (IBS has been mentioned) and every now and then - about every 6-8 weeks it flairs up without warning. It never makes me feel ill, anxious or loose my appetite and only lasts 3-4 days, but my bum does cause  chaos!

Mum has mentioned my problem to blogging friends before and almost everyone from across the pond who felt able to offer advice told us to try canned pumpkin as something to eat during the flair-ups, as it calms and soothes the tummy.

Here in the UK canned pumpkin is not easy to come by (unless you know different!) but if anyone is interested, the only place we found it was Waitrose. You can order it on Amazon, but you have to pay postage too. Make sure you get the pure pumpkin puree not the pumpkin pie filling.

Anyway, my latest EBS happened a couple of weeks ago and Mum remembered she had bought some canned pumpkin for me to try the next time it happened. 

As I said, it doesn't make me feel unwell, but who is going to turn their nose up at a bit of cosseting?!

When it happens Mum usually starves me for 24 hours (actually that does make me feel bad!) and then feeds me chicken and potatoes (mashed with just water) and porridge. Rice doesn't seem to help matters much with me. This time she gave me one meal of just pumpkin, then mixed with mash potato and then gradually introduced my regular (salmon & potato) kibble. There was a distinct improvement in my...errrr... productions within 24 hours and Mum was delighted not to come downstairs in the morning to another "pile of presents" on the kitchen floor!

 "It's not bad this pumpkin stuff is it?"

Pumpkin obviously can't cure any underlying issue, but Mum does think it's one of the most effective foodstuffs to give me when I'm not well.

So thank you Friends in America! Be proud that you have saved one very small corner of England from my exploding bum. Hehe!

I may be incommunicado for a few days, as Mum is combining a visit to Ganny's (it was Ganny's birthday yesterday!) with getting Other Mum's car fixed. Some "!*c^*$g b%"*^"d" hit Other Mum's car in the night last time it snowed. There is a great big dent in the door. Other Mum was not happy; this is the second time it has happened. Our drive is very steep, so sometimes Mums park their cars on the road when it snows, but they've said never again!

Anyway, I digress. What I meant to tell you is that Mum is not taking me to Ganny's AGAIN! She said Other Mum's car is too small to fit me in, and Other Mum said something like "I'm not having that bl**dy dog anywhere near my seatbelts". I wonder what she could possibly mean?! So.... I am staying at home with Other Mum. I'm hoping she may help me with some blogging, but I expect The Princess of Darkness is more likely to be giving her ridiculous opinions on me things. If you don't hear from me for a week, you know what's happened!

Love Deccy x