Friday, May 4, 2012

It's that Purple Sparkly Time Again!


Well, doesn't time fly when your having fun....?! It seems only  yesterday that I announced that the category for April's Award would be "It's a Mystery" and here we are in May already. 

Of course the category was just my own underhand and sneaky way of being able to award the Purple Sparkly Toilet Seat to any blog I felt like without having to reveal my paw first, as it were! Having given the previous two awards to specific categories, I really wanted to give April's Award to any blog I liked, regardless of the reason.

Being a light-hearted chap most of the time, my favourite blogs are often ones that make me chuckle, but then I love some of the photographs and the sharing of experiences and problems too. 

This month, however, I would like to present my Excellent Blog Award to Madi and Mom for their post entitled "Ultimate Tuesday 'Tocks." This post had us laughing out loud, and we are full of admiration for Mom for managing to snap the dare devil Madi in such an athletic pose!

Many of you will already know Madi, as she is a very popular (and highly attractive) cat from North Carolina.We have only been friends for a few months but we really love her blog and sense of humour. Of course, Mum is delighted that I can now count a cat amongst my pals too!

So, without further ado, Madi and Mom please accept your award with our love!

As ever,there were many great blogs this month. Below is a very small selection of our favourites; really the list could go on forever!

We are planning our next Purple Sparkly Toilet Seat extravaganza for June, so look out for details at the end of this month! Mum is a little bit idle and disorganised busy during May apparently. Hmmm... well as long as my every whim continues to be catered for, that's fine......