Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's the Birthday Boy!

Happy 5th Birthday to me
I've pee'd up a tree 
 Beer and Wotsits for brekkie
I'm so very happeeeee!!!

Hello everyone! Today is my 5th birthday and my first one ever since I left the racing kennels and came to live with my Mums! It's still really early in the day, and already I'm having a great time...

Mum has made me these delicious Pumpkin & Parsley Pasties! My good mate Higgins sent us the recipe.

Oooh they are nice.... better save some for later though.... you never know who might call in.... with a present or something!

I've had lots of cards and presents already! Two of the cards have cats on them. Very funny. Not. Can you see my fiver from Ganny at the front? Good ol' Ganny; I knew she wouldn't let me down! I'll be able to buy, more gravy bones and paddywack and pigs ears and tripe sticks and........

Really I'm going to get the subscription to "Bitchz Magazeen" but don't tell Mum......or Beryl. hehe!

Mums bought Mr Tigger for me (yet another of my original names!) 

I hope he doesn't think he's sleeping in here with me all the time......

I'll just show him who's in charge.......

Mum says we can do anything I like today.... so rather typically after over a week of beautiful weather, it is raining cats & dogs!........ Now wouldn't that be something? Raining cats, just like ALL my birthdays had come at once..... Oh sorry Mum. Didn't realise you were listening. You want me to apologise to The Princess of Darkness? On my birthday? Muuuuuuuum!

Maybe I just should of had the 1 beer with breakfast.... hehe!

Have a very Happy Birthday Hunky!
We love you very very much.
Your Mums xx

On a different note, Monday 4th June is Pitty Post Day hosted by Corbin
Pitty Post Day is hoping to show everyone what great dogs Pit Bulls are and to show how discrimination against so called "dangerous dogs" is misguided and unfair. 

As part of the day, Corbin has kindly joined me to highlight the work the RSPCA is doing in the UK with the 42 Teeth Campaign which attempts to tackle the issues of "dangerous" dogs and irresponsible ownership. The UK government is reviewing current legislation and there is an opportunity for UK citizens to respond to the consultation. 

Please call in to Corbin's blog today to find out how to support a Pitty and don't forget to visit me on Monday. You could help end discrimination and the needless suffering of so many dogs.

Thanks everyone. 

Deccy x