Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rottweiler Review!

Ha Ha! Bet that title had you wondering didn't it?! "Why is Deccy reviewing Bart & Ruby" I bet you were all thinking. Well, as lovely as those two are, I've got my very own Rottweiler to tell you all about!

I was recently contacted by the nice people at Bonlays Online Pet Store and asked if I'd carry out a review of one of their stuffie toys. Well, I'm a sucker of a furry friend I can throw around - just ask Mr Teddy & Mr Panda (Best not ask David though!!). I had the choice of a duck or a Rottweiler and it was Mr Rotti who got my vote.

I have to confess that Mum (the slacker) didn't look at the Bonlays website before Mr Rotti arrived, all we knew was that he was described as Rottweiler Large Plush Dog Toy so we were a tiny little bit surprised when he turned up....

In all fairness, Mr Rotti's description on the website does give his dimensions, but it is a bit of a mystery as to why he is described as large! Sure, if I was the size if my mate Elliot the Chihuahua I'd think he was enormous, but this little fella barely comes up to my ankles!

Mum has given him the once over and said he is very well made. He has a squeak in his head ans a rattle in the body. I've happily played with him, and he's still in one piece!

In conclusion, I would say that my Rottweiler is very cute and well made. If you are bigger than a Yorkshire Terrier but smaller than a Springer Spaniel, he could well be the ideal companion for you!

My Rottweiler is available from Bonlays at £6.99 ($9.79)

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