Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Kong Wobbler from GJW Titmuss

Hello I'm back, having wrestled the PC from that blo*dy cat!

Today I want to tell you about my lovely new toy The Kong Wobbler!

I was contacted by the people at the online pet supply store GJW Titmuss Ltd and asked if I'd I'd like to test drive one of the toys that they sell. Well, I'm a sucker for a Kong (not sure that sounds entirely right...!)  so I headed straight for the Kong section and picked out the Wobbler as I'd never seen one before. It arrived last week and I've certainly been putting it through it's paces!

It is described as large, and they aren't kidding! This is the large Wobbler next to my large Classic Kong.

It is made from, and I quote "FDA food-approved high-strength polymer" which is not the same stuff as the Classic is made of - it's a much harder plastic like material. The base screws off to allow filling and easy cleaning.

As you can see below it certainly kept me entertained!

I do have a couple of small criticisms. I have to assume that this size of Kong is meant for large-ish dogs, but the dispensing hole is too small for any of my treats to fit through! I got Mum to measure the diameter of one of them and it's only 2 cm. I appreciate that the treats shouldn't fall out too easily, where would be the fun in that! but I had to chop all of mine in half, well, Mum did anyway. So maybe Mr Kong could make the hole just a little bigger? Secondly, the hard plastic material. I know this toy is for rolling and pushing, but I do like to pick my Kong up and give it a good old bounce! I've tried and tried with this one, but because it is hard and shiny I can't get any purchase at all! Perhaps there is good reason for it being made as it is and not of natural rubber like the Classic, but I think it would make it better.

That said, it is a great toy and I've been playing with it happily all week. Mum likes the fact that it's really easy to keep clean and she says that it does distract me for longer than my other toys. 

My Kong Wobbler was supplied by GJW Titmuss Ltd and costs £12.99 plus P&P and is also available from Amazon UK and


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