Monday, April 2, 2012

Deccy's Excellent Blog Award - The March Winner!

Well I have been up until all hours trying to decide on a worthy winner of this months award.....

and really they were all so good I just couldn't decide. Mum said perhaps I could let her choose. Hmmmmm...well okay Mum, but you're not going to find it easy.......

You are absolutely right Deccy, they are all very good and all for different reasons. Very funny, great pictures, a lovely story. But, as you are so fond of telling people, this is your award and you can do what you like, right? I'm assuming this privilege has been passed to me, so I'm going to make the award for my own very personal reasons.

Between March 12th and March 25th. Leslie at Bringing up Bella wrote a series of 6 posts entitled 14 years in 14 days. 14 years in 4 minutes was just one of them and happened to be a Wordless Wednesday posting. Essentially the posts are a tribute to Beau, Leslie's best boy and Bella's predesessor. The Wordless Wednesday alone made me cry (!) but please read all the posts to fully appreciate this story.

Leslie eloquently and beautifully captures in words and pictures something that I am sure many of us will have found hard to express about an exceptional pet. For me it was Flynn - you all add your own names! These posts capture so well my feelings about my wonderful, kind, gentle and funny boy.

As a caveat, I must say that non of this detracts from the current man in our lives! Flynn he ain't, but we love Deccy non the less for it.

So without further ado. Bringing Up Bella please collect your award with our love!