Saturday, April 7, 2012

All Rise for Mr President!

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend.

I am very very excited because as some of you may know, my very good friends over at Dip-Dip and the Bridge have asked me to judge their completely fabby 250th post giveaway competition. Never was a Greyhound so honoured! It all started when I admired Lynne's crocheted terrarium ans she kindly sent me a cactus of my very own.

I do so love getting parcels in the post. And just think, if you enter the competition you could get a parcel too!! Dip and the gang have said they will send the winner their very own cactus to anywhere in the world. Bargain!

If getting my own crocheted cactus wasn't enough, Dip, Bridge & Elli asked me to become The Honourary President of the Crocheted Cactus Club!

This is my cactus when it arrived some time ago. See how excited I am.....?

And this is my cactus today. See, absolutely no difference. Not even Other Mum can kill my little plant!

This is the very cactus you could win (Even nicer than mine, if that is possible......)  So get on over to Dip-Dip and the Bridge's place immediately and win yourself this unique prize! And anyway, you don't want to make my life too easy do you?!

Did I mention that pigs ears, dried sausages, Wotsits, Stella Artois and gravy bones tend to make me look most favourably upon entrants..... Just sayin'.......