Saturday, March 31, 2012

Respect... My Ar*e!

It's ME.... KC!

My mum's can't get to da puter cos dey is still reeling from da shock of 'Gorgeous George Galloway' winning our by election and being our new MP..... bah!
For those of you who duz not know da Gorgeous George, he is most famous for being a cat on celebrity Big Brother... and for being kicked out of da Labour party!

Well George, I duz not think dat you is gorgeous, you duz not have enough fur to be gorgeous.... and I hope dat dey was not Whiskas Temptations you is eating out of Ms Lenska's hands... dey is for proper cats!!!

And dis is not how you duz be a cat!

Dis is how you duz be a cat... and gorgeous!
Spot da difference Mr MP?
See, I is cross now!

But what is done is done I says to mum's and we should try to put this breath of fresh air new Mr MP through his paces and see what he can do for our constituancy that he knows bugger all about (allegedly)!
So we is hoping to write to Mr Galloway and suggest lots of improvements to our fair city like:
  • poo bins.... mum says dat we are badly lacking in bins for Deccy's doings... him doing da big doings!
  • more speed bumps... (don't you invade my blag Other Mum just to keep yourself in work!)
  • Free tuna fiss for all black cats called KC!
  • Early morning sweeping ups of da discarded take away cartons... dis indiscriminate snacking is not good for Deccy's EBI... and wind!
  • Enforcement of well kept flower beds in da neighbours gardens to make my outdoor toileting more pleasant!
  • An adequate supply of petrol at ALL TIMES! Mum hardly has any at all and the garages are dry Mr Cameron you stoopid sod!
Mum has lifted her head wearily from da pillow and asked if any of you duz have any more suggestions for what we can write to our stoopid nice new Member of Parliament about cos she duz be too dazed to think at da moment!

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