Friday, March 9, 2012

Knitting Madness!

As some of you may know, Other Mum occasionally gets a Crafting Obsession. (CO) Just before Christmas, it was cards. We could barely move for stickers, card, cutters, glitter and the like. And then it went away as quickly as it arrived. Now a new CO has raised it's head. Knitting. Mum and I aren't quite sure where this has come from, but given that many of our blogging friends are, errr... well, a bit crafty, we think they may well be to blame! We have heard Other Mum reading blogs and ooohing and ahhhing at them. It's always a sign.

The first thing that happened was that on one of our weekend outings we mysteriously found ourselves at a craft mill with a wool shop attached. We noticed Other Mum sneaking bags into the car but in all honesty Mum was to busy drooling over some Le Creuset in the cookshop to take much notice. And then some knitting looms arrived in the post.

Are you sure it's not a teeth cleaning frizbee Other Mum?
Well once they had arrived, there was absolutely no stopping her. The first thing she decided to try was a snood for me.
Errrr... this is cutting off the blood supply to my head. It may need to be surgically removed.
So she tried again.....

Oh that's much better, Other Mum, and it's purple!
No one was safe.

I can't help feeling you're laughing at me......

Even our good friend Dip from Dip Dip and The Bridge could not escape Other Mum's knitting maddness.

Having conquered the knitting world (slight exaggeration, but you get my drift..) Other Mum is now thinking of  taking up crocheting. And here the blame does firmly lie with Dip's Mum Lynne! You may remember some time ago Lynne did a post on how to make a Crocheted Teranium We were so in awe of this that Lynne and the gang made me a member of the Crocheted Cactus Club!

Lynne sent me the very same cactus that you see on the badge!

But it gets better! Not only did I get a cactus, I got this too.....

My very own crocheted sparkly monogrammed purple toilet seat!
Is there anything that cannot be crocheted?! It would appear not. Other Mum is now determined not to be outdone and has ordered a pattern for a life-size crocheted greyhound. Nothing like running before you can walk, is there? Hehe!

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