Thursday, March 29, 2012

A 4 shamrock mini break awaits you!

As many of you will know, we had a Budget here in the UK last week. Pretty much, this means everything now costs more than it did before. However, at this particular Budget, much has been made of the so called "Ganny Stealth Tax" Ganny?!! This could be serious.... Put simply, the Government plans to get rid of age related tax allowances, meaning that over 4 million retirees will be worse off. Conversely Britain's highest earners have been rewarded with 5p in the pound reduction in their tax liability. That's considerably better than a poke in the eye, when you earn in excess of 150k to start with.

 So well done  Dave" We're all in this together, except my father-in-law is land owning millionaire aristocrat, so I'm not in it quite as much as you" Cameron and George "I'm alright Jack; the family firm is worth millions" Osbourne. Hmmmm... this is starting to sound like a political rant, but I am a dog. I am not political and I don't really care!

Still, If Ganny may be worse off, I must try and help. Apart from anything else she needs to be able to afford Pigs Ears and Gravy Bones and to send me a Fiver for my birthday....

Therefore today, my friends, I am here to highlight, publicise and advertise, England's newest luxury dog accommodation. Welcome to............

Upon arrival, you will find complimentary Schmackos in your room.

All beds have been tested for comfort...

Singles & Doubles are available....

Or if you prefer, bring your own!

Tea and biscuits are served in bed each morning. Hand feeding by Ganny is available if you can look as pathetic as this.

Meals can be served al fresco during the summer months

....Then why not enjoy as postprandial stroll in the garden?

There's a bench if you get tired....

Places to hide; bet you can't see me can you?!

.......and great bathroom facilities!

Should you require a longer walk, there is a Common directly opposite.

A comfortable living room with complimentary duvet is available for your midday snooze.

I nearly always manage to blag a new teddy, so there's every chance you can do it too!

Complimentary meals and snacks are frequently available, due to Ganny's very small appetite.

Usually these will come from Marks & Spencer, so quality is always assured...

So everyone! Come and spend your dollars and pounds with us this year! You can book on my blog, but hurry to avoid disappointment! 

I haven't actually mentioned this to Ganny yet, but she's bound to think it's a good idea.....isn't she......?

In the meantime, I'll just top up my tan........