Monday, February 6, 2012

The Politics of Teddies.....

Last week Other Mum had to take a trip to London. She had a meeting at the House of Commons about Road Safety Legislation. (Wonder how she kept her eyes open through that one...!)

Other Mum is a Civil Engineer. If you ask her what she does she will say she designs road networks and layouts. If you ask Mum what she does she will say she is responsible for all those "bl**dy speed humps and sleeping policemen that rip the bottom off your car". If this has happened to you, please feel  to complain directly to Other Mum. Hehe!

However, the really important thing about Other Mum's trip was that she brought me back a present!

My very own House of Commons teddy!

Other Mum apologised for him not being very big, but said we would have to re-mortgage the house to afford one the size of Mr Teddy. After much thought I decided to call him.......... Mr Prime Minister, or David for short!

Mum says because he isn't very big, I will probably rip David's head off before very long.

Mum said she'd quite like to rip David's head off too.......

 Now, now Mum, This is my blog and not the place for you to start getting all political!

Declan has (nearly) left the building....

I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow Mum & I are going to stay with Ganny for a few days, so Other Mum will be in charge... She says that as she has to go to work (whatever that is..) she might not have time to comment much, but she has promised to read all my follower's posts and keep me informed about the giggle-worthy ones! I'm also going to try and leave her a couple of posts to publish whilst I'm away.. if Mum will let me near the laptop.. HINT! Hope you all have a good week.     Deccy x