Monday, January 23, 2012

You Can Win My Brand New Shiny Award!

I've noticed over the past few months that there are quite a few awards floating about. I've been lucky enough to get some myself and lots of my friends have too. I'm sure we all think getting an award is great; after all who doesn't like a pat on the the back from their pals?! I know a lot of you out there lead pretty busy, hectic lives and as happy and grateful as we all are to get an award, sometimes its hard to find the time to comply with the conditions. Writing a list, identifying half a dozen pals who haven't already been nominated, then letting them all know you nominated them can take time that's hard to find alongside regular blogging commitments. So.... I have decided to take the hard work out of receiving an award and have designed my very own......

Deccy's Excellent Blog Award!

Let me explain how it works:
  • Prior to the beginning of each month I will announce the category under which the award will be given for that particular month.
  • 1 award will be given to 1 blog each month.
  • Blog posts placed online between 24.00 GMT on the first day of each month and 23.59GMT on the last day can be considered.
  • I will read my friends' posts in the usual way and make a short list of potential recipients.
  • If you would like to nominate any of your own posts or those of your friends (as many as you like) you can do so by emailing me a link to Declan's Dogs Blog.
  • Once the nomination period has closed I will consider my own shortlist alongside any nominations received from you and will make the award.
  • My decision is final. Because it's my award and I can say that. HeHe!!
  • The winner will be notified and invited to collect the award from my blog. They may then display it proudly & prominently on their own blog!
  • Unless they object, the winner will also be named Blog of the Month on my Declan's Dogs Blog Directory
How easy is that?! So for February 2012 I am seeking the post that

Makes Me Giggle the Loudest!

For Lori's benefit from What Remains Now  you may also think of it as "the post that makes me spit coffee all over my keyboard...."!! The thing that makes me giggle can be anything at all; word content, a photograph, drawing, something you've made. It's up to you to decide what will appeal to my slightly quirky greyhound humour! All posts made between 24.00GMT on February 1st and 23.59GMT on February 29th can be considered. 

I really hope everyone will see this as a bit of fun and want to join in. Remember, you don't have to do anything other than collect the award if you win! However, if you would like to nominate yourself or your friends we'd love to hear from you. 

Really, can you resist the chance to win an award the looks like a sparkly purple toilet seat?!