Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Purple Sparkly Toilet Seat Award Time is Here!


From tomorrow, 1st February 2012, I will be considering posts for my first ever lovely shiny award:

click above for full details

The category for this month is the post that Makes Me Giggle the Loudest!
I will be considering your posts placed online from midnight (GMT) until 23.59 (GMT) on 29th February 2012. I'll be making my own shortlist, but please feel free to nominate your own or a friend's post if you think it will make me chuckle! You can nominate as many posts as you like. Please send your nominations to 

Remember! This is the award that requires absolutely no effort. I'd love to get your nominations, but all you are required to do is collect your award and proudly display it on your blog if you win! And of course it is terribly exclusive. Only 1 award to 1 blog each month! 

Let the Giggles begin!