Friday, January 13, 2012

Favourite Presents

I know. Christmas seems a very long time ago now, but with Mums behaving like an average bloke with a slight cold not being very well at all, it's been very difficult to get help with my blogging. Other Mum has now dragged herself back to work amidst much groaning but Mum is still malingering not so good and now seems to be developing a cold. Personally I think she just watches too many episodes of Casualty & Holby City and cherry-picks symptoms to suit, but don't tell her I said that. Anyway, having discovered the supply of medicinal whisky, I have bribed her to move her substantial weak and frail body and turn the computer on for me. Best not let her have more than a wee dram or she'll be asleep on the couch with her mouth open when Other Mum gets home and that will really give the game away.

So, as this is the first chance I've had, I thought I'd show you my favourite Christmas presents.

Oooh Ganny! What is it, what is it?!
FANTASTIC! I shall call him....... Mr Teddy!

My next present was from Aunty Steph. Mums will have to help me with it as I make a terrible mess if I have to cook for myself.

I think "A Crunchy Cure for Wind" is worth considering Mum.......

And finally, this is one of my presents from Mums. It's not my first, it won't be my last, but sometimes the old favourites are the best!

Oh you can't beat a good Kong! I like mine stuffed with schmackos & carrots.
Well there we have it; better late than never I guess! I best be off as I think Mum has found the whisky all by herself. Why she thinks adding hot water, honey & lemon to it, makes it socially acceptable to be drinking Scotch at midday, I don't quite know...