Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Declan's Thoughts On Cats...

KC - Or The Princess Of Darkness
as Mum likes to call her!
As I’ve already mentioned, I have a cat called KC. My humans have always had cats and Mum has always said that the cats and dogs have to get along. It was a bit of a risk with Flynn as Mum had him straight from his racing kennels, so he was a bit of an unknown quantity. However, as he’d not done a lot of racing his chase instinct wasn’t that strong. Couple that with the fact Mum had two cats back then, one of whom was a bit hard (I’m glad I never met her from what I’ve heard....) and Flynn was soon knocked into shape -quite literally!

With me it was a bit different. Because I came from a Retired Greyhound Trust kennel, I had been “cat tested”. Mum asked if they dangled a cat on a pole over my kennel to see if I’d eat it or not... I hope they knew she was just being silly. Anyway I passed my cat test, though my humans sometimes wonder how! My problem is twofold, you see. Firstly, I had a lot of races and my chase instinct is strong. Secondly I live with the biggest scaredey – cat in the world.
KC is a wimp! I look at her and she screams “He’s trying to kill me” and bolts behind the sofa. She is such a drama cat. How am I supposed to learn to love her when all I ever see is a furry blur shoot across the room?! Mum says we’ll get there eventually. She’s thinking of hiring some right bully-boy ginger tom to put me in my place apparently. Meanwhile KC is living the high life – upstairs. She’s taken to referring to the other side of the pet gate as “my apartment”. As ever, she’s getting ideas above her station; but that’s cats for you..
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Friday, August 26, 2011


I always do my best thinking when I'm sleeping
I've been thinking.. I have a lot of time to think when I'm lying on my big soft bed. Mum thinks I'm asleep, but I'm just pretending. Rumours that Greyhounds sleep for 22 hours a day are ridiculous. I never sleep for more than 20 hours..

People have lots of misconceptions about dogs like me. They think we need loads of exercise, well I beg to differ!. I packed all the strenuous exercise I need into my racing career. A couple of 20 minute strolls twice a day and the odd gallop when we have somewhere safe is fine thank you very much. And if you want to take me out in the rain I rather cleverly velcro myself to my bed.. I don't eat that much either for a big lad. I weigh about 32kg and stand at 70cm to the shoulder. 4 mugs of good dried food a day, some nice tit bits thrown in ( you can't beat liver and carrots -yummy!) and the odd pigs ear treat and I'm perfectly happy. Best of all greyhounds are the soppiest dogs! Mum says she thought Flynn was daft until she met me. There's nothing wrong with being cuddled, kissed and generally adored, that's what I say... Well I think I've worn myself out, so I'll catch you later.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Welcome To Declan's Dogs Blog!

Hello, and welcome to my Dogs Blog, I'm so glad you dropped by!

Let's get the introductions out of the way shall we. 

My name is Declan, I'm the handsome chap in the photo, and I’m a retired racing Greyhound. I live with my two humans and our cat, KC.

I was born in Ireland in 2007- my racing name was Barrigone Bank back then, and I came to England to race in the Midlands. I was quite good at running and had 61 races until I was retired in February 2011. After that I was sent to the Wolverhampton Retired Greyhound Trust re-homing kennels, where I did my best to look terribly handsome and get myself adopted by a lovely new family. Luckily my mum came along, fell in love with my stunning good looks and winning personality and took me home in July 2011.

I’m the second greyhound that my family has adopted. Mum says that greyhounds are addictive; once you’ve had one you can’t give us up! Sadly she lost her first dog Flynn in May this year. He was 12 ½ when he died and Mum had had him 9 years. Flynn was actually my great uncle, although mum didn’t know that when she first saw me. We didn’t really look alike, except Mum says there’s something very familiar about my nose.. I think it’s just the way I stick it in everything!

You may think that Flynn and I being related is a bit of a spooky coincidence, but when you know that my granddad, Larkhill Jo had 7344 pups and my great granddad, Staplers Jo had 4158, you can see it’s not unusual to find Greyhounds years apart that are related. You can also see why there are so many of my pals out there looking for safe loving homes.

Anyway, I’ll tell you all about what it’s like to live with a greyhound and about the adventures I plan to have with my family. My humans are taking me on holiday to the seaside soon, so I’m dead excited as I’ve never seen the sea. Mum says I’ll have to take my lovely new snuggly walking-out jacket so I don’t get cold.. Mum’s eh?!

That’s all for now. I hope you’ll come back and see me. Maybe I can convince you to adopt another great dog just like me. Remember, Greyhounds make wonderful pets!