Friday, December 2, 2011

Yorkshire....... again!

At the back end of last year, our local newspaper challenged its readers to photograph Yorkshire. The very best of the pictures received would be published in a "coffee table" style book showing pictures of towns, cities, coast, countryside, industry - in fact anything that meant 'Yorkshire' to the people who live here.

At the time, Other Mum had just received a new camera for her birthday, so it seemed like a nice little project to get some practice with - both Mums are a long way from competent photographers! They spent a couple of weekends visiting places they thought might offer some interesting pictures and submitted six photos in total.

Earlier this year a couple of their pictures were published in the newspaper which pleased them no end! The article said over a thousand entries had been received and a panel would decide which pictures would be included in the book. Mums promptly forgot all about it, until a couple of weeks ago when they spotted the book in the local book sellers.

Having a quick look through, they were amazed that three of their photos were included!

The bottom left hand corner is a picture of Kilnsey Trout Farm taken by Other Mum

A steam train on the Keighly & Worth Valley Railway taken by  Mum
Oakworth railway station taken by Mum.
Oakworth station and the surrounding countryside was the location for the 1970 film 'The Railway Children' starring a young Jenny Agutter. Who could ever forget her wildly waving her red bloomers to stop the on-coming train!

This photo made it into the newspaper, but not the book. It shows a wind turbine with the missile warning site at RAF Menwith Hill in the background. Mums are still arguing over who took it!

Mums hope this will inspire a few people out there like them; a long way from being  good photographers, but enjoy it and are now feeling inspired to try and get a little better. Of course Mum sees it as the perfect excuse to get other Mum to buy her a nice little digital SLR..... good luck with that one Mum. Hehe!

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