Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Sleeping Arrangements

As some of you will know ( because I go on about it a lot) I have to sleep downstairs at night. Now I think that most reasonable dogs, and humans for that matter, will not be able to believe that I am treated this badly. Most of you are probably about to send an email to Mums saying that people like them shouldn't be allowed to keep pets at all, let alone a delicate little thing like me... It could hardly be worse if they tied me up in the snow and left me outside all night......

Declan, you are in danger of sounding like a right drama-dog and if you are not careful you will loose the sympathy of your public - Mum

Well anyway.... the reason I have to sleep downstairs is because of ba**a*d cat the lovely KC. Our worlds are divided by the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. It really isn't fair. Flynn got to sleep in Mums bedroom and have cuddles on the bed in the morning. In fact he spent most of the day on the bed when he got older. So why can't I do the same eh? Of course Flynn liked ba**a*d cat KC in a more best mate, less tasty snack kind of a way I suppose.

B*st**d Cat on the bed that should be mine.....

Declan this really isn't rocket science. If we let you come upstairs you have to guarantee not to eat KC, pin her to the wall, make her hang off the ceiling, or try and swallow her in one go before we notice. Can you manage that? No, I thought not. - Mum

Alright already! I am trying. I will sit down when Mum brings her into the sitting room now - as long as I'm distracted with 27 bags of treats. So maybe one day. I wonder how I ever passed my cat test? Drugs I imagine.

So, no chance of a promotion upstairs in the near future. My bed sits at the bottom of the stairs and generally over the summer this was ok.

As you can see, there is a radiator behind me and Mum started to worry, now that winter is here, that I might burn myself when it was on or that my poor little back would be cold when it was off. Anyway, after much thought Other Mum suggested we take a leaf out of Sue & Song's book and get me a nice big basket to put my bed in. (Song is my Aunty, you know!)

Hmmm... this is quite nice, but might I be a bit chilly......?

Better, but I still feel something is missing......

Ahhhh...... zzzzzzzz!

Well I still think Mums are a bit evil, but I suppose sleeping here isn't all that bad......