Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting up to Snow

 We get up at the ungodly hour of 6.00am. Well, sort of. The alarm goes off at 6.00am, but I usually think 5.10 is a better time to rouse my household. That is, of course, unless I've been whining and barking all night, in which case I will have fallen soundly asleep and won't get out of my bed until 7.00am. If I do decide to play alarm clocks, the following ritual occurs:

Other Mum stumbles out of bed, falls across the room and eventually steadies herself at the top of the stairs. She peers at me in a bleary eyed way as I stand looking at her through the baby gate.

 "In your bed Declan. Good boy" she says.

 I do as I am told..... until she stumbles back to the bedroom.

 I chuck my Kong around a bit and then do a bit more whining.

 Other Mum appears at the top of the stairs...." In your bed.....". This happens about 4 times.

 Then Mum appears. "For God's sake Declan, will you shut up! Get in your s*d*i*g basket and if I hear another sound I will tie knots in your bl**dy tail!

 Mum has the patience of a saint....hmmmm. Clearly she means business, so I get in my bed. By now it is 6.00am and time to get up. Hurrah!!

I promise I won't move a muscle..... until you're out of sight.....
Other Mum takes a shower and Mum comes downstairs to check me out, sort out lunch for Other Mum and make a cup of tea. She would like everyone to think how good she is getting up so early to make lunch etc. when she could have an extra couple of hours in bed. However, she has told me in strictest confidence that Other Mum "makes so much bl**dy noise with her showering, dressing and hair drying, I get more peace in the kitchen" It's ok, I've promised I won't tell anyone she said that.....

This morning Mum came downstairs and realised we'd had our first real snowfall. Nothing serious, but a bit of a shock as there has been no mention in the weather forecast! Her sandwich making routine was therefore interrupted by the need to shovel snow from our stupidly steep drive, so Other Mum could get the car out and go to work. I'll leave it to you to imagine how happy she was.... Anyway, after some initial slipping and sliding Other Mum got on her way.

Mum decided that as she was all dressed up for the snow we might as well go on our morning walk. She decided to take photos of my paw prints in the snow....

And she wonders why people give her funny looks...... 

She made sure I was wrapped up nice and warm for our walk.

Are you on a mission to make me look stupid this week, Mum?

Anyway, now we are back home, if she thinks that I am moving until I need a wee (which when I feel like it, I can hold for about 9 hours) she's got another thing coming!